hi .Can you show my mistakes i has made.

Sydney , Australia .
Thursday , 03 January , 2013
Dear Sumic ,

How are you , I am very well and happy now . i came to sydney a month ago . As well as many students , i came here to learn ENglish . 
This is the first time i have learnt in a foreign country . So sometimes i am shy .But now , i am more confident than before. I live with a Austraian family .They have got 2 children, both of them are boy . The atmosphere of our house is always funny and warm . 

Everyday , i go to school in the morning and start learning from 7 to 11 AM . Between each periods we have rest period about 5 minutes . when we finish it at 11 AM , we usually play soccer for an hour . Then coming hom and take a shower , have a lunch . In the afternoon , I work part-time in a restaurant to earn money to do somthing I like . At 8pm , we have a dinner . Then i do my homework like math , physic, chemistry .Last night , I wander with some friends to sightseeing . this city is nice and bigger than my city . 
Would you like to visit me ?? 
I'd love to see you . 
write to me soon 

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