A pony with a mouse fursona? That's just weird...

-Commissar Derpy

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I seen this on my Facebook.   Figured this would be a good place to share.


What would it take for BerryTube to be at CMPC (Crystal Mountain Pony Con) in Salt Lake City?

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Time to get this alive again!

Q0 Here

LaughingStock Here. so this is like facebook with horses? 

ThoriumHooves is ready for fun. Two days until take off.

So I added everyone in the G+ group to a giant Hangout, which is pretty much just IM. You'll all likely be notified by e-mail. Suggestion are open as to how we should use it -- talk about everything that happens, or just for updates, invitations -- who's going where, etc.

Sanctus here. Definitely add me to your circle!
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