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Scan my #kikcode to chat with me. My username is 'gokalpbb' #kik #kikme

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Tap the link to join my group "Anime Chat (Please dont let chat die)" on Kik!

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For lenient anime/manga group that talks about random stuff:
- or -

Note: hentai, shit posting, and promoting another group are NOT allowed. If you wish to take part in a discussion group, pm the owner. 

Any groups open with adults ??

Hey are there any gaming groups or emo groups in here i could join?

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There are TWO groups. Both are about ANIME and MANGA topics, ANIME AND MANGA, and again, I say, *ANIME AND MANGA TOPICS*.

The group this is linked to is a very relaxed, open group that is lenient about what ya'll talk about. But remember. Absolutely NO hentai or extreme gore. Or shit spamming. ^~^ And, well. Excessive RP-ing isn't advised.

The second group is a DISCUSSION group, where we take part in discussions about various anime, manga, and webtoon titles. If you wish to get into this group, PLEASE pm the owner!! We'd love to get new members in there. ⍢
'Cause um. We really need some active members in there

NOTE: The discussion group is more open towards newcomers. Please come help make both groups thrive if possible. Remember: please PM the owner if you wish to join the discussion group! ^-^

So. We'd love to get to meet you~
Just please, DO NOT join if you aren't the least bit interested in anime or manga or wish to be rude to those who do.

You may also join the group through the kik hashtag, #Anime4Manga

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Tap the link to join my group "Lolly lols" on Kik!

Anyone wanna chat on Kik?

Busco chat hot con.mujeres kik dragonite1984

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Hey ya'll ! I was wondering if you guys want to make a group with me! If you want! Love ya'll
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