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An interesting TED Talk outlining why it is so difficult to scale tutoring resources and ways to refine the way we work with students.

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This #VAWLT tutorial has over 500 views! Woot!

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Thanks +BJ Kitchin for sharing this cool resource this weekend. +Hallie Johnston and +Emma-Marie Banks, take a look! :)

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If you are taking a science course then you know how confusing the use of tense can be in lab reports. The introduction must be in past tense, while the abstract is in present tense. Do you know why the use of tense is so important in lab reports?
Check out this awesome resource to find out!!

Learning Styles--
To help a student with clear learning preferences through the experiential learning cycle, I can use the methods that are in accordance with their learning style to lead them through the cycle, while also providing ways for them to expand their use and comprehension of the learning cycle.
My preferred learning style leans towards diverging and assimilating. I can use this to my advantage when tutoring by providing information in creative and logical formats, which certainly helps when it comes to writing!

Leaving Home Sweet Home--
I think one can actively connect with an academic community online by keeping up-to-date with such communities and providing one's own insight. One can make a virtual space welcoming by providing the same encouragement and support that would be provided in person. Challenges may arise by the lack of expressions that in-person encounters provide; meaning and tone can be easily distorted, but this can be overcome with clear language and conscious effort.

Framing Feedback--
I can utilize the strategies for effective tutoring and feedback by asking the student guiding questions rather than making direct statements about how the student's work could be improved. This will allow the student to feel comfortable reworking their own piece; they will feel as though they did most of the work rather than having someone else write the paper for them.

P1. Practicum. Understanding Your Client--
I identify with the chapter on shy students, being quite shy myself; it can be difficult to ask for help and share my work with others. That being said, I can relate to students with the same problem and can provide understanding and compassionate help!
From this section, I can utilize the strategies on how to work with various sorts of students and their personal learning styles.
I could brush up on my verbal communication skills to become a better tutor.
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