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Hello everyone, thank you for joining my community and I hope we can make this a very popular place for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon lovers.
Now here are the rules:

- You can be any Pokemon except a Legendary.
- You can join a Guild or be a loner.
- If you curse than make sure it is not directed towards someone. 
- Don't post anything not related to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

- Charizard's Guild
- Blastiose's Guild
- Venusaur's Guild
- Typlosion's Guild
- Feraligatr's Guild 
- Meganium's Guild
- Blaziken's Guild
- Swampert's Guild
- Sceptile's Guild
- Infernape's Guild 
- Empoleon's Guild
- Torterra's Guild
- Emboar's Guild
- Samurott's Guild
- Serperior's Guild
- Delphox's Guild
- Greninja's Guild
- Chesnaught's Guild

You can not be the Guild Leader.
Please post what Guild you are going to join.

I forgot... I'm in Serperior's Guild!!!

The next Mystery Dungeon game may have some sort of Amiibo support. Post your ideas & speculation in the comments! Possible titles? New Amiibo?

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Love this damn music
The nostalgia from this song is freaking crazy, I love it to bits

I am thinking of making like a story for each Guild and I think I am going to do Torterra's Guild Story because I actually thought of this idea before I made this Community.
If you agree with this idea I might do it.
+1 this comment 5 times and I might do it.

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Look How Far We've come.
Today the Pokémon Franchise turned 19!
Happy Birthday Pokémon!
Reshare everyone!

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Yup Yup!
Why hasn't anyone thought of this 😄

#pokemon #funny #science

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Fun Fact:

Did you know that pokemon Red Rescue Team was released for the GBA, but it's double, Blue Rescue Team, was released for the DS?

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Fun Fact: 

Did you know that Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky were the first games to feature a Primal Pokemon?
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