Any way we can get more plays added to the game...and Everytime I return a kickoff or punt for touchdown or any distance more than 15 yards there is a penalty...I'm about to take penaltys off..because that is my main complaint so far...and no hail Mary's or all go plays or play action...

Other than that ✓ I really like the game

Creating my first ever TXTFL league and looking at all movie/tv teams. If any could give me any help with ratings I'd be very grateful

I submitted a new league Texas Highschool Football

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We've been working on performance enhancements and just released a new beta (tXtFL Mobile 4.2.0). Many of you noticed that automated games got slower after playing several seasons, and this beta should speed up those games. Here's a graph showing how long automating a week takes as the game database grows for the last version (blue) and the new beta release (green; lower is faster).

Per your suggestions, we've just posted a new beta (tXtFL Mobile 4.1.9) with stronger weighting for hurry up offense at the end of the game (or grinding down the clock) and a new option to increase the number of teams for each division that advance to the playoffs. Let us know your feedback!

We're rolling out a new build to correct an error with continuing seasons in our latest tXtFL Mobile release (now at 4.1.8). Please let us know if you encounter any other errors.

If you've encountered franchise errors after starting or continuing one, we've posted a new beta (tXtFL Mobile 4.1.7) with many fixes. Many errors were from rotating the screen during franchise setup. We also fixed seasons from not showing up in game setup.

tXtFL Desktop 4.1.1 released

Many fixes and a few other improvements in this release:
-Kickoff distances now have more variability
-Immediately shows time saved after calling timeout
-More aggressively finds player substitutions
-Sorts plays by distance
-Touchback for default league changed to 25 yardline
-Fixed inadvertent reuse of injured players
-Fixed fumbles during PATs
-Fixed penalties during 2-point plays
-Fixed player weighting during turnovers after another possession change
-Fixed QB sneak player assignments

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We updated our league browser for tXtFL Desktop to speed up scrolling, especially on Windows platforms. The Google+ buttons were taking a long time to load, so they now load for each team only once you hover over it.
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