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Is it bad that I want to bash my head against a wall until blood starts pouring from my forehead because no one wants to RP with me ?

Why are people still getting fucking salty over this community being taken over?
It's too late now. Go get a life and do stuff not involving trying to take this community back,ya filthy animals.

Posting it again


1. Hackers and shit like that are the lowlifes here. Who hacks communities because they don't like it?

2. You guys cant be talking shit about us because all you guys do is make jokes on 9/11 which was very sad, Adolf Hitler at terrible man, The KKK, and all that shit. We are not doing nothing wrong here

3. Do any of yall have anything better to do with your lives? Seriously, be like me. A 25 year old who already has a perfect job and getting paid Greatly. None of you guys are all you are is just 10 year olds who seem to play shit games (Example: Call of Duty amd GTA) and yell whenever you die in it.

4. There is no four

Denounce your worthless gods and embrace the Imperial Cult. Praise he who sits upon The Golden Throne in The Imperial Palace on Holy Terra. Worship The God Emperor of Mankind

This used to be a hentai community?

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This is beautiful! One by one we'll take down disgusting habits and make our population normal again!

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Holi shiet mothafukin tron bonne from megaman legends destroyed dis shiet.
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The fuck did I miss

Cool good job you hacked something people barely gave a shit about. Go back to preschool man
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