Okay I'm confused, I thought we were only supposed to have the three T powers and look like normal humans but everyone so far except me has made themselves have special powers and look like an anime character.

Ok I would like to rp here but no one is doing it I made an rp that people can join if hey want yet no one is

+Ginger Root  (open)

i am resting  on the couch tossing a ping pong ball in the air when...

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Sorry forgot the pic of Galileo

I walk through the street with a ice cream bar in my mouth I look in the bag at all the new card packs as I run into

Name: Wallow Wintervalle
Nickname: none
Tomorrow Person/Ultra agent: Tomorrow Person
Race: American
Age: 17
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair color length and style: Long, black, slightly wavy
Weight and height: 5' 7"
Skin tone: Pale
Distinguishing marks: None
Strengths: Ice malipulation 
Weakness: >.<
Likes: Food! :D
Dislikes: Fire
Siblings: 1 dead 1 alive
Extremely skilled at: Ice/water manipulation
Extremely unskilled at: Fire
Pets: none (dead)
Other: Along with the three T's  she also has Ice manipulation 

Name: Jacqueline
Tomorrow Person/Ultra agent: Tomorrow Person
Race: American
Age: 18
Eye Color: Dartmouth green
Hair color length and style: Long, raven black, slightly curly
Weight and height: 5' 9"
Skin tone: Paleish
Distinguishing marks: Slit pupils
Strengths: Super speed, reading minds, combat, earth manipulation
Weakness: ......
Siblings: No family alive
Extremely skilled at: reading minds, earth control
Extremely unskilled at:
Other: In addition to telepathy she can read peoples thoughts and can control the earth

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Tomorrow Person/Ultra agent:
Eye Color:
Hair color length and style: 
Weight and height:
Skin tone:
Distinguishing marks:
Extremely skilled at: 
Extremely unskilled at:

Name: Galileo Tetsumora
Nick name: N/A
Tomorrow Person
Race: German
Age: 17
Eye color: red
Hair: long red hair
Weight and height: 6'4, 99lbs
Skin tone: white
Distinguishing marks: his hair is bright red and tied in a pony tail and his eyes are red
Strengths: fire and light manulapation (he can make his self invisible) teleportation extreme reaction speed
Weaknesses: can't swim can lose control of his fire
Likes: card games and television
Dislikes: cruel people and squash
Siblings: (who ever wants to be one)
Skilled at: strategic prediction (why he's so good at cards)
Unskilled at: math
Pets: a turtle
Other: n/a

1. Be nice 
2. I don't mind cursing as long as it's not like every other word
3. No text talk (LOL,OMG,TTYL)
4. No sex. I know they do it in the show but, this is online.
5. Please don't advertise anything 
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