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The easiest way to protect against possible harm is be sure to use only as much light as necessary to read and work. There’s no reason to exceed this amount with very bright lighting.
Start measuring now the level of your lights with this reliable item here:

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Check out the new and innovative 3D printing ecosystem from Skriware. They really have a forward looking product and ecosystem to go along with that.

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Check out may latest review of the MSP432 and the Educational Boosterpack from TI, Let me know what you think about it.

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My new blog entry explaining a cheap and effective method to prevent infant deaths from heat srtoke in cars ,is now live, let me know what you think

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Low Cost Customized Slip Ring Designed by Specialized R & D Team

Now avail the best featured customized slip rings from one of the best Chinese brand manufacturers JINPAT and fulfil your special system requirements easily.  

More details visit

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Hi everyone. We have a new "How To" video on installing, controlling and monitoring  your garage door with your Home Control and Automation System. 
If you have any questions about it, please let us know.

Buy & Repair Laptop, Computers, Mobile Phones, LED LCD at very cheapest rates

Laptop  Used Core 2 Duo @ 9500/-
Laptop Used Dual Core @ 8500/-
Laptop Used PIV @ 6500/-


LED/LCD at very reasonable prices

If interested contact at 9718733479

Thanks & Regards,
Jitesh Thakur

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Greetings and warm wishes to all ! visit us @ []
Celebrations, Festivals, Holidays and Observances Today !
Last day of Sukkot in United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada
Sukkot VII/Hoshanah Rabah in Israel

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