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Сборка v2.24.24 -b270- b271 отправлена на бета-тестирование

Список изменений:
● Обновлен вывод счетчиков
● Обновлены переводы
● Багфиксы
● Настройка даты начала и даты защиты
● Счетчик дней до даты защиты
● Изменен алгоритм раскраски счетчика
● Форматирование треков всех форматов
● Обновлен парсер сайтов
● Другие изменения и исправления

● Updated counters display
● Translations updated
● Bugfixes
● Start and Alert dates settings
● Days to Alert date counter
● Changed days counter highlight algorithm
● Formatting of all possible track formats
● Parser engine update
● Minor changes and fixes

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Hi, I have been emailing developer to suggest a couruer, which is gaining in presence in Asia eg. Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indpnesia, Philppines, esp being local subcobtractor coyruer locally.

However, I didnt receive any reply. Also, despite new releases of 2 versions, this courier is not added.
But this courier is being accepted in other less populat tracking app eg 17 track, aftership.

I still love Track Checker, and hope to improve it.

Is there a problem?
Perhaps, does someone know the tracking URL or script?
For this courier, one goes to the homepage, then click on tracking, and a small window popup for tracking number to be keyed in.
But there is no URL redirected, etc... The furthest i can go is below

Can someone help please?

Name: Ninjavan

Thank you very much!

Хотел бы попросить добавить в новые версии программы опцию отметки трека как входящего (того, что буду получать), так и исходящего (который сам отправил). Чтоб в ленте визуально можно было быстро отличать отправленные и получаемые.
В форме создания отслеживания добавить, например радиокнопки. А в ленте выделять цветом, или иконками.

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Сделайте частоту обновления чаще, а не раз в час , например раз в 15 мин .

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Не работает отслеживание отправлений CDEK (СДЭК)

I have noticed that UK Post Office tracking doesn't work.
Can someone please check?

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To improve:

For your convenience, I have finetuned the details

For Japan,
Amazon Japan is using al2 post services not in your list.

ECMS Global
Example of tracking numbers
Their tracking URL is

Example of real tracking number
Their tracking URL is

There is this IE Post
For IE Post, already listed in your postal services, their tracking number format has changed and cannot work.
Real examples of new tracking numbers are
Their URL has changed to

For Whole of Asia (in particular Singapore)
there is a new post service, not listed in your trackchecker
Name= Ninja Van
Their tracking URL is

Would you consider including in TrackChecker?

Не работает boxberry уже 3 месяца!

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