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An organizations true value should be decided not just by its financial value but also by the social and environmental impact that they create. Money shouldn't be the only criteria for evaluation. I just came across this website of a cement manufacturing company known as Ambuja cement. Their approach towards true value is really commendable. There are a number of steps that they have taken to ensure that sustainability is maintained such as being water positive, reducing the carbon emission, maintaining a sustainable supply chain, ensuring that locals aren't affected by their production techniques and many such environment friendly approaches.

They are also a part of the cement sustainability initiative that looks out for ways and means to inculcate sustainable development. They can act as a source of inspiration. Check out the following link to know how they go about this approach!!

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Our aim is simple: provide the community with the FEW essentials for living, all year-round: 

Regenerative Food, Water & Energy

The lifePOD will require very little power maintenance while housing organically-raised fish (aquaculture), provide roots and tubers (aeroponics), leafy greens and fruit-bearing plants (organic farming) and edible mushrooms (mycology) all under one roof (SolaRoof). Every square foot of the lifePOD is fit for the abundant production of organic food to feed a community.

We're talking strawberries, lettuce, squash, carrots, beets, potatoes, tomatoes! Mushrooms: crimini, baby portobellos, white button! Fish: Tilapia!

We are going global #EARTHDAY2014 with a #crowdfunding  campaign on please check out our website or join our facebook discussions

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Some nice read on framework for sustainability from EPA!

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Hi there! We are publishing a book that tackles Climate Change head on, by providing an all-encompassing global proposal on how to reduce carbon emissions. Designed to look like a magazine, ZERO-FIFTY presents these complex issues in an innovative, appealing, and easy to read way. To keep the publication independent, we currently raising funds on Kickstarter. This will allow us to print the book more sustainably, cost effectively as well as also releasing the content digitally. Please check out the video trailer for more information by clicking the following link -  
If you are able to assist, either by forwarding this link, or backing us in order to get your personally signed copy, we would be very appreciative. Thanks for your time. David + Alexa
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short animation more like poetry

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The purpose of the Environmental Education Model Grants Program is to provide money to support environmental education projects that increase the public's awareness about environmental issues and provide them with the skills to take responsible actions to protect the environment.
Open to local education agencies,state education or environmental agencies,colleges or universities,non-profit organizations as described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code,noncommercial educational broadcasting entities,tribal education agencies(which includes schools and community colleges controlled by an Indian tribe, band, or nation).
Applicant organizations must be located in the United States or territories and the majority of the educational activities must take place in the United States; or in the U.S. and Canada or Mexico; or in the U.S. Territories. See how to apply on the link below:

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What is your experience with this? Please share with us!
We had a great conversation on 12.3 re: women and sustainability leadership (and how what we learn from their example can help us nurture and reward ALL future leaders, male or female). These are the #sustldrconv Twitter chats that +martin brown and I do monthly. We would love for any of you to join us for our January chat.

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Less is more this Holiday season. Reposting from the Pachamama Alliance Blog.

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