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Here's a drawing for you Pegasister. Take good care! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

why did she leave again?

Guys its been 1 year since pegasister boutique left :,c you will never be forgoten...

I didn't know them but I would have liked to from what my friend told me they must have been a great friend and wonderful person

I wonder if her Youtube channel is still up? If not then it could count as Lost Media, but I have some of her videos on a USB.

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BronyVille is a community that Pegasister Boutique really helped me out with. many of our members where bought here by her. so if you would like to, plz join to help us chat everyday.

she was a great person

So lonely with out her...


Let's Active in this community...

We Will Always Remember her..
I always dream about her when I was asleep..
I always watch her video on YouTube
She tried her best, I knew it...
Our friendship must be forever...

Sorry if its bad grammar Xd
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