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Konami time with -- ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA <Enter> #opLastResort hint-enter it again after load.

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I have posted the pastebin & video on my site here:
Feel free to give out the address, also have a free proxy for getting to a few sites in-case of simple ISP DNS blocking.
---Please read about the proxy before using it!-

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We must build the ultimate revolutionary website. 

The people can Vote on Legislation ; 
-You may agree or disagree with Legislation or Parts of Legislation.
-When you click to agree or disagree, your name is added to the petition that states wether you agree or disagree with Legislation or Parts of Legislation.

May we declare Cyber Democracy and Popular Legislation. 

This is the only way for the People to Legislate. May Popular Legislation allow us to become the true deciders of our fate. May we take full advantage of technology for the advancement of democratic processes. May we all become informed, and implicated with society. We can tame this beast.

We can fundamentally affect the rules that maintain the basic structure of the beast, of corruption, lobbies, the bloody Military Industrial Complex, the perverted stalkers working with the NSA who await the construction of the Utah Data Center with great enthusiasm.

I wish us the best,

Cordially, with empathy, and ultimate compassion, to all living beings and to all corrupted souls,

May you find that the true path to happiness is deeply rooted through your connection with the earth, and all of humanity.


Lets make a news page, so everyone stops asking about news regarding the keys about the warheads and everything else? Will help to get rid of useless spam on the chat.
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