Drive Notepad is a really helpful app. As a beginning Java programmer, with nothing except a Chromebook to use, it aids my shenanigans hugely. The ONLY major issue I have with it is it's inability to run a program. There are several online IDEs, but none of them are decent, and if Google could accomplish this, they could potentially make quite a bit of money (ads). Minor issue: WHERE IS THE 'HACKER' THEME?! No green code on a black background!? ;)

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Can you please add support to this?

Also will be appreciated to have support added to its accompaining feature:

Thankyou very much!

I love Drive Notepad. Amazingly, it functions well on the Firefox Browser for Android, except that I am unable to move the blue menu box anywhere on the screen. it's stuck dead center where I need to edit my files. I suppose this wasn't meant for mobile browsers, but this is the only way to edit text files on Android without downloading and re-syncing. If there was a way to fix this, that would be rad!

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I just learned that Google Chrome has built in developer editor that includes predictive typing for syntax.

My one issue with Drive Notepad is that it doesn't support offline editing. This does ...

I'm using Notepad to do HTML markup on some plain text. If I switch the syntax setting to any HTML setting for the coloring, the app helps me out by auto-inserting the closing tags when I type the opening ones. For example, if I put an href link in front of a term, the app automatically adds the closing "</a>" next to the link tag.

I'm sure this would be a lot of help if I was writing the page from scratch, but I have to take the closing tag out so I can close the tag where I need it. Is there any way to have the syntax colouring but prevent this "help"?

Thanks much.

ive not seen this behaviour before with Drive Notepad, but now (after reinstalling my linux box) i am asked to authenticate every time i fire up Drive Notepad. the auth succeeds, but doesn't appear to be remembered or cached. did i do something wrong? 

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Drive Notepad is getting a refresh for 2016!

Most of the changes will be cosmetic, but there may be a few new features and some major improvements to old features.

The new version is still in development, but you can help with testing - see the new site at

If you have any feature requests, now is a good time to make them known....

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`.markdown` files not recognized as Markdown files, despite Gruber endorsing `.markdown`.

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*IMPORTANT!!!* After August 2016 you will no longer be able to use Google Drive as a simple web-server for HTML/JS/CSS/images etc.  

Your files will not disappear from your Google Drive - you will still be able to access them via the usual web interface and/or desktop sync program, and you will still be able to open them with Drive Notepad (or other similar 3rd party apps), however you will no longer be able to use Google Drive + Drive Notepad as a means of quickly building publicly visible websites.  

In terms of replacements, there may not be anything quite as easy/free/simple out there, but there are a large number of alternatives with varying strengths.

One option is to create a repository with a "gh-pages" branch on github and then access it at This is how drivenotepad itself will be served in future.

If you know of a better alternative please post below for others to see.


4 issue/problems:
Is it me or that there isn't an android app like google Docs|Sheets|Slids?
I can't make the notepad to open files written in Hebrew to display the text from right to left. :(
There isn't a verilog ahdl or vhdl syntax highlighting.
as well it was nice if it would open "*.vhd" files and highlight vhdl syntax.
why does the editing prompt is a little floating window that is horribly uncomfortable and isn't over the top of the page like in every normal standard online text editor??
I realy like the idea of an online text editor but this little issues make it not good enough.
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