Drive Notepad is a really helpful app. As a beginning Java programmer, with nothing except a Chromebook to use, it aids my shenanigans hugely. The ONLY major issue I have with it is it's inability to run a program. There are several online IDEs, but none of them are decent, and if Google could accomplish this, they could potentially make quite a bit of money (ads). Minor issue: WHERE IS THE 'HACKER' THEME?! No green code on a black background!? ;)

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Can you please add support to this?

Also will be appreciated to have support added to its accompaining feature:

Thankyou very much!

I love Drive Notepad. Amazingly, it functions well on the Firefox Browser for Android, except that I am unable to move the blue menu box anywhere on the screen. it's stuck dead center where I need to edit my files. I suppose this wasn't meant for mobile browsers, but this is the only way to edit text files on Android without downloading and re-syncing. If there was a way to fix this, that would be rad!

I've removed it in every way I can think of and it's still trying to open files. How do you get rid of this app?!

Probably the best TXT files editor for Google Drive! Great Job Guys!

Can you add please some options to control file's encoding?

I have troubles viewing windows cyrillic on Mac now and can't convert it to UTF-8 without going to the windows machine and Notepad++

I really don't know what's going on with this extension recently. This used to be my favorite way to edit Markdown on my Google Drive account, but lately it has been acting like it's possessed by the devil... weirdly adding spaces and capitalization in dozens of places for no reason, then reformatting the same text moments later when I haven't even interacted with the document. Until it functions reliably, I can't trust it for my edits.

This is an awesome txt files editor for google drive! :)
I would like to have an option to disable hot keys.
For Polish users, some hot keys are used to write polish characters:
right Alt+letter, to get ąćęłńóśżź
When I press e.g. Alt+S to get ś, the hot key to save a document is run.
There is workaround to get ś, by pressing ~ and then s, but it is not a natural way of entering polish characteres...

Could you please add this option to your great app?

Sometimes my .rdl files read as if drive notepad can open them, and other times they cannot. Any suggestions as to what may be causing this?

Would love to have an auto-save feature. Thanks!
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