Hey, guys. This might seem like a really weird place to post this.
But do any of my Podcaster Friends here have a Nintendo Switch? Looking to collaborate on some Switch related content. Super simple stuff

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This trend I am seeing is starting to get a bit out of hand and if not careful could drag us all down

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Registration for the 12th Annual Podcast Awards is now open #pca17 visit PodcastAwards.com

Rumor has it PGT is starting up again. Let's hope it's true and that your dulcet tones will soon be flooding the airways yet again. Miss you guys in my ears.

Hey kids! Anyone happen to be bored this evening? I could use some help with some audio testing (via Skype), probably around 8pm Eastern or so?

Just had this idea yesterday, so I haven't really put to much thought into it...But I'm curious what you folks think.

I'm trying to drum up a bit more business for my Podcasting and Live Streaming business. I had the idea of offering a sale or a special package for the Holidays/New Years.

Thinking of calling it the Podcasters Relief Package.
You can buy it for yourself or you can buy it for a Podcaster in your family... or even someone you think needs a week or two off from editing.

The idea would be that at a discounted rate, we would do the episodes editing, and if you needed, the show notes too. We could really offer anything, maybe someone is planning a special holiday episode thats going to take more work than normal...

This is really just in the idea phase right now, and thats why I'm posting here. I was wondering what you guys thought and if you saw value in something like this? Specially cause I know how hard it can be to keep up a release schedule during such a busy time of year.

If so... what do you think it would be worth. For simple editing? Or offer editing and show notes? Or just discount my package rates for single episodes and let them pick what they need. (http://podcastsmarter.com/menu/)

Thanks and I hope everyone is getting in the festive spirit!

OK #podcasters and #audio experts...

How do you record voice audio - using a USB connection to the phone, so one can use an audio-technica ATR2100-USB better quality mic on a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone?

A Youtube video showed a connector that IS NOT the Amazon link adapter noted in the description...as it connects a mic via an XLR connector.

My goal is the use my USB micro OTG cable which has a standard female USB outlet that I can plug the standard size male USB plug from my ATR2100-USB microphone.

The blue mic light comes on, but I can not record via the USB micro connection.  No sound is caltured.

TIPS would be highly appreciated.

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Hello, wonderful, smart people! I need help, please, if you're willing/able to provide it.

There is a new problem in my audio, and I don't know if it's coming from my microphone (a Blue Yeti), my headphones (Sennheiser HD598), my computer (2012 MacBook Air), my recording software (Audacity), some faulty/shorting wires, etc. But from 4:18-6:56 in this episode, there is this AWFUL, SHARP POPPING/SNAPPING SOUND.

It's happened in every episode I've recorded since. It's driving me insane. I can't possibly edit it all out (it's frequent, continual, and buried within the audio), and I don't hear it while I'm recording. Can you help me identify what it is, so I can prevent it from happening again?!?!

You can listen here -- the snapping sound goes from 4:18-6:56... thank you in advance!

Does anyone in here have experience with hosting webinars? There's so many services, many are quite expensive and I'm just trying to figure out what I need. If you've used webinar services, which have you tried?

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A few weeks ago I talked about launching a new show called Podcast Legends, where I would be interviewing at the early pioneers of podcasting in the first stage of the project.

The first two interviews are now online, and the show is listed in iTunes. Check out PodcastLegends.com Hope you enjoy the new show.
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