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So the podcast category is now available on Spotify in Ireland. I haven't seen any information online on how you get your podcast on to Spotify.
Does anyone have any information on this?
I've included a screenshot below of how it looks.

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Hey folks!
I'm an fellow podcaster and podcast audio editor! Please check out my new Website and let me know if you ever need Editing assistance!!
please share the site as well!!
Mike Mann

This year I went independent. I'm going to be detailing my journey with videos (and hopefully lots of new podcasts, too). Episode one went up today.

Would love to get feedback from others who've gone out on their own.

I was contacted by JabberCast (interactive "podcatcher"-they had a booth at PM15) recently inviting me to beta test their new IOS app. If anyone is interested in being a part of this let me know and Ill send Rohan your contact info. You could also look up JabberCast on twitter (how he contacted me). 

Subsequently after I get the app I'll put up some thoughts, if you have some thoughts please share.


I'm in the middle of switching from Squarespace to WordPress despite the fact that I hate WordPress and love SS. We are adding multiple shows and I'm broke so WP it is. OMG, hosting with Bluehost has been a cluster *beep* of epic proportions. The first CS actually sounded mad at me and wouldn't listen to my issue. He actually made frustrate cry. Second CS told me I just needed to wait two day and it was normal. After 4 days with a downed site and listeners emailing my co-host like crazy, 3rd CS says hosting company needed to activate something and it wasn't my fault at all.  Literally, the minute he put the url in his browser he knew the issue... so other guys literally just didn't look. So, now that the relief has faded, I am just angry. Like, irate ready to scream levels of angry.

TL;DR Who do you host with? Who has good uptime AND customer service that actually let you ask a question without blowing you off or practically yelling at you?

I've heard podcasters asking people to text #xyz  to whatever number as a way of getting people to start the email signup process or other things you can send them a link to when they signup via text. If you are doing that, what services are you using that you'd recommend? Or, if you're not, but know of some, I'd be interested in hearing about those too.

Just a shout out to +Corey Fineran at this point. Did my first podcast episode ever today and used Blab for it. Being a total newbie to the whole technology behind it, the quality is comparatively good, even though we don't have professional mics yet. I probably wouldn't know about Blab as it isn't used in Germany very much, let alone for podcasting, if it wasn't for Corey and Ivy Envy :)

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Last night we were taking our first step in moving some of our shows to that used to be Google Hangout recorded.  For us, these are the quickie "Wrap Up" shows I was encouraging my team to do so they didn't require me in the studio to connect and engineer.  

Since we put our shows on video platforms as well, I'm iffy on the format since there are no titles, etc so it isn't a replacement if you're looking for the "studio in a box" I usually call Hangout with their tools.  

I loved the interaction, though not huge, still better than the black hole Hangout seemed to be.  

Including last two weeks if you want to compare the quality of the same show format from week to week. 

Here is the new show: Last night, we recorded & released our first #Podcast via @blab that used to be Google Hangout.  
What do you think?  

This is the Google Hangout of the week before for comparison.

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Great new tool!
Web Based Audio Editor

Just found this yesterday via a post from +Audacity®​. This web app is called +Soundtrap​ and it's a great little tool. I don't think it can replace your full featured DAW for #podcasting since it's geared toward music production, but it a fantastic backup option for quick edits.

I did a few tests last night and it worked quite well. I will definitely keep this in my back pocket for when I need to do some work on my chromebook.

Worth checking out!

#podcast #audioediting #podcaster
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