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Are you working as a web or software developer on a Mac?

Then you can help us find out who we are as a community: What technologies do we work with? Which tools do we use?

Take part in this 7-minute survey and win 1 of 120 awesome prizes!

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Check out our latest technical blog post about Metal, if you are interested in image processing on iOS.
Metal : Blazing Fast Image Processing
It is a useful tool for fast graphic rendering, especially for iOS game developers. Let us know in the comments if you have any more questions! #ios   #iosdev   #swift   #swiftlang   #mobiledev  #gamedev 

I am looking for #ios #Developers/ #Contributors to work with me on a great project with a great team , please comment here for more details 

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Celebrating another Functional Friday here in 47 Degrees, we're really proud of introducing you to Second Bridge: a new open source framework that marries Swift and Scala. Being open source, it means that of course you can use it in your day-to-day iOS development, and also that if you want to contribute to it you'll be more than welcome! Read more about it in our new post about it, or at the framework microsite:

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We're continuing our series of articles about generic development, and more specifically about creating our own data types in Swift. This time we go a little deeper into the Swift syntax for generics, to be able to apply certain restrictions to our types (i.e.: force conformation to protocols). After that, we re-visit another old friend from the past, the stack, providing a complete implementation based on singly-linked lists.

Come and check it out to read the full article and download the included interactive Playground!!

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We're starting a series of posts about generics in Swift to explore how can we create data types with them, while also doing a travel back in time to review some of the great classic data structures in the history of Computer Science. Do you use generics a lot in your day-to-day development? Have you implemented data types in your apps with them? It'd be great to have your feedback about it! :)

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Hi! I wanted to see what are your opinions on this matter. In my current company (47 Degrees LLC) we're doing a lot of stuff related to functional programming (specially in Scala), and I've taken upon myself to try to spread that knowledge and experience in my area of expertise (iOS and Swift currently).

What do you think about this? Do you think Swift is actually closer to functional programming than Objective-C? Are we on a easier route to functional development for iOS and Mac now? Is it worthy at all?

I've explored this subject a little bit in this article for my company's blog. It includes a Playground version of it so you can play out with some of the basic examples I use, and at the end you'll find a GitHub repo containing a small app/game done I've put up in SpriteKit to make some use of this new functional stuff we're getting in Swift.

Looking forward to reading your comments about this!

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