how to add " Login required " condition to view any Django CMS page.

Has anybody got a solution for providing different templates for aldryn_newsblog articles dependant on their categories?

We're looking at displaying 3 different styles of article; Article, Gallery, Video. So different markup for each. For initial setup `article.html` has a few if statements for the categories, but I'm hoping for a better solution.

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I've a basic "move plugin to first/last position" context menu developed. As cms always uses the "position" field, this works. I wonder if I need to do some treebeard updates as well, for consistency?

Any feedback welcome!

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Hi everyone !
Need Help
I have two models "OrignalBugs" and "ProjectBugs".In Details with field name -> OriginalBugs(Fields: name and bugtype) and ProjectBugs(Fields : name , bugtype , bug_image and bug_comment ).

Now I want to select(copy) few records from OrignalBugs and paste to ProjectBugs How can I do this ?

Hi Everyone !

I have a Simple Question.

In Django App
in my, Django App having model PROJECT which has (attribute: project_name, company_name, company_url, and type_of_project )

In Django-CMS plugins
Now I want to duplicate/replicate this same PROJECT model and display LIST or RECORD all the contains of PROJECT model in Django-cms plugins.

While displaying I have 2 points that need to follow.
1. It should display a duplicate of PROJECT model (so whatever changes are done in Django cms page/plugins should not affect to the Original Model. )
2. Next original PROJECT model has the fields,

(Fields: project_name, company_name, company_url, and type_of_project )
now while displaying in Django-cms page I need more two fields for each PROJECT model list.
So it will be like.
(Fields : project_name, company_name, company_url , type_of_project , COMPANY_IMAGE , COMPANY_COMMENTS )

How can I do this?

I make website with DjangoCMS and meta ( keywords, description ) don't work.
How can I fix it, or how to install correct "djangocms-meta" ?
Or another plugin who do that great

Is there any release date for django-CMS 3.5.3? Version 3.5.2 was released on April 11th, which is more than 4 month ago.
There are so many fixes, waiting to be released. Currently I have to install django-CMS from GitHub rather than PyPI, which is not pleasant.

Hi all. Has anyone here integrated Optimizely ( into their django CMS site? Any tips?

Hi Everyone!

Can any one suggest me HTML to PDF convertor for Django CMS Page.

I have already used pdfkit( wkhtmltopdf ) but it not working great.

Im starting a CMS site from fresh for the first time in a while.

What are your default apps to install alongside the CMS?

There's various things I've seen like djangocms-page-meta which I think are probably quite key to sites these days, saving you from hard-coding things into templates.
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