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2.7 is live!

- over 30 new icons
- reworked request section

hope you guys like this one :) remember to send in your un-themed apps!

Lmao who remembers when this icon pack was used like everywhere? At least I still use it

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Hello ... I am Tiago Junio ​​and I am from Brazil ...
I would like to make a request to you ...
I bought the package of Acorn Icons And honestly it's in my opinion the best icon pack I've ever bought.
But the last update was in the year 2016 ... Would it be possible for you to update the package, or the project was discontinued
I tried to request icons for the app, but it always gives an error.

Best Regards

Is the developer dead ? I loved these icons and the style of them. Please come back !😭

+Sky König​ what's up with the Ariel pack and Acorn update?

Hey guys!
Acorn is one of my favourite icon packs but as it is abandoned (as it seems), a lot of icon apps are missing... :(
Could you suggest any other icon packs with the same design philosophy?

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Minimal setup with #Acorn icons on #Oneplus3t

Is this getting some update soon?😭

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