My phone recently alerted me of some updates. Triggertrap 3.01 was listed as the new update that I needed to install. I selected it and before approving any update, I check to see what permissions are used.  This new Triggertrap version 3.01 ADDS more permissions that it needs:

Device ID & call information - Read phone status

Photos/Media/Files - read, modify or delete files on my SD card

The main comment for what this update does says: Bug Fixes

I refuse to allow the permissions until I know more WHY this app needs MORE permissions!


A Longe time since

I received the last Update to the Android App .. Since the Rollout of Version 3.0.0 ... Not even another Beta came across? Not even a announcement of further progress to the Android Version, instead we get to read that the iPhone App is much more enhanced? Supporting already the Apple Watch... Even that Android Wear has been released for so much longer ....

Anything you will/ or plan comming up with in the near Future? Or are intended to get ourself s equipped with iPhones and Apple Watches or Pepple? 

Has there been any progress on getting the droid app to be able to manipulate the droid camera like the iphone app does?

Is there any plan to add android wearable support?

Will be cool to add something to the trigger trap, to be able to do at least timelapse without being connected to the smartphone.

I did become a tester but i still have the old version 1 app.
i didn't receive an update , unistalled and reinstalled but still no updates!
any idea?

Hi how can i get the android triggertrap mobile 2.0 beta

I have a Nikon D600 and I understand that I need a MD-DC2 connection kit. Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate one in the USA. Amazon and other vendors all seem to be out-of-stock. Any suggestions as where I can find the connection kit? I live in California.

Curious if Android Wear support is anywhere on the roadmap? Would be pretty cool to leave the phone mounted on the tripod and be able to trigger from your watch. Keep up the good work!

convenient that no longer need the manual focus! when the new update of the app
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