Hey I'm new here and just getting back into Pokemon.  Is there a limit to how many EX cards allowed per deck???  I know there is a 4 of each type limit (Excluding basic energies.) but was wondering if there are other deck building rules about redundancy or whatnot I should know about before I spend anymore money lol.  

I'm new here, so hi there!  But how does this work?  When are the tournaments held?  How do I join one?  Modified or Unlimited?

and dragonite ex

I came up with a new deck idea it has kyurem plasma, Blastoise

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Hey folks! Worlds is done and we're moving on to Megalo Cannon- what decks are you most excited to play with these new sets and the new rotation? How do you think it will affect the meta?

Where is Hangouts League?

Hey, cruel_lizard here!

This is your half-an-hour heads-up to Sunday's United Kingdom SixPrizes League. I'll hopefully see you then!

Who is exited for worlds? What is the best play? Who is the favourite to win?

League has begun! Enjoy your time.
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