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TOP 10 | Author of the Year 2017-18
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Nominee: Kailash Amesur
Books: The Stolen House: Truth is Stranger than Fiction...
Why should you support Kailash?
Kailash Amesur started as a production scheduler with a leading production house.Hiscareer being started with a production house in which he Gained great insight in to the art of story writing and intriguing plot creations.Later having started his own venture as an entrepreneur and being immensely successful at it he then decided to pen down his thoughts in a way that one cannot have enough of reading.This is his second book in the succession after an immensely successful first book which is also an inspiration in his life to arrive at The Stolen House he has put across uniqueness in this fiction which he hopes will be appreciated by each one of you.
About the book:
Milind is a no hero, he's a maverick cop whose relentless pursuit of truth has earned him some dangerous enemies but when he is about to get promoted he comes across the most mysterious case of his life "The Stolen House". Atypical small town in Goa is famous about 2 things clean beaches and criminal lawyer Roy. Roy has fought more than 100 criminal cases and won all of them, winning has become his hobby now. A suspense conflict between maverick cop and insolent lawyer.Every page of this novel will open door for a new suspense, get ready to read the best suspense novel of the year.
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