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Do you want your #crowdfunding   campaign to go VIRAL?  Well check out if you do.  It is 100% FREE and some of the biggest crowdfunding campaigns this year have used HeadTalker to get the word out on social media!

Here are some examples.

It is a great way to promote your campaign and get the word out on social media.  HeadTalker also embeds your crowdfunding widget automatically so you get even more exposure.   HeadTalker is giving out 250,000 free social reach to all new campaigns!

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The unemployment rate in the sub-Sahara is expected to rise to 7.2% in 2018 with additional one million new entrants into the joblessness population, by the International Labour Organization (ILO). According to the report tagged, ‘World Employment and Social Outlook: Tend 2018’ the additional one million unemployed persons is influenced by the region’s high levels of labour force growth
We are working towards building a more sustainable business environment in Africa, by empowering our workforce with global business skills and linking them to companies for employment. Our aim is to see that Africa's workforce are groomed to take over economic activities within the region. We hope to achieve this by using a collaborative approach that is powered by technology to empower Africa's young workforce by matching them to business experts for mentorship, provide industry standard courses and linking them to companies for employment. Follow the link below to read more about our project and support us in this mission of transforming Africa's business ecosystem.(Kindly share with your network) Link:

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Hello friends! I'm just trying to raise funds so I can afford the education to become a games designer with the intention of creating games with positive representations of women, and to fight sexism among other issues in the videotaping industry. I've made a video to explain.
Anything is greatly appreciated!
Thank you so much

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The Ekon Bike The Most Adaptable e-Bike Ever Made
The Ekon Bike is the First Dual Lithium Battery, Multi-Functional Electric Bicycle!

We started this journey over 10 years ago with an important mission in mind, to develop a safe, useful and versatile electric bike, especially designed for thousands of people, looking for a practical and economical personal urban transport solution.

The Ekon bike reflects our desire to contribute our society to reduce common urban problems such as traffic congestion, air quality and commuting times. We strongly believe in the possibility of change but we need your help to make it happen!

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Hello Everyone, I just launched an Indiegogo Campaign to build a startup for connecting mentors and mentees. We have a prototype and would love your support to bring it to life!

Thank you so much! Please let me know how I can support you as well!

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Hello friends. Please help Tonie Yip, an amateur swimmer from Hong Kong. Tonie is launching a campaign to finance his campaign for Hong Kong Annual Masters Swimming Championships 2018 race.
Share the pre-launch campaign with your friends now!
GoGetFunding (For Hong Kong):
Makeachamp: (Worldwide)

Hello guys! Thank you for taking time to read this.

This is probably going to be my toughest adventure yet but it will be so worthwhile. I feel passionately about making a change in the world and I am willing to go the extra mile. After a friend of mine contracted the meningitis, I became increasingly aware of its severity and the need for funding and research. I am proud to say that penny raised will go to MRF :)

Now why should you donate to MRF?

Meningitis has affected the lives of so many young people in the UK, leaving many victims with after-effects. 1 in 3 of those who survive bacterial meningitis are left with after-effects, many of which are severe such as brain damage, hearing and sight loss, and where septicaemia (blood poisoning) has occurred, loss of limbs and scarring. 10% of bacterial cases may result in death. MRF plays a key role in making this happen in the UK, Ireland and around the world by funding vital research, advocating for change as a dedicated champion for those it affects, and taking action that benefits people, including running awareness campaigns, training health professionals and providing support and information.

Thank you again for your time :) i hope you can find it in your heart to donate to this worthwhile charity.


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Hey Friends found sitewide #sale on +EDU Onix
I guess it's for any #course.
check out
Just now enrolled for some of its courses.
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