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Name: Shigeyuki Kōda
Age: 26
Personality: Basically emotionless. He's cold, calculating, and vicious.
Looks: Basically the picture.
Extra: He's in the Port Mafia. Also, he's an actual sociopath.
Backstory: He joined the Mafia because they found his ability useful and proposed he joined. He accepted without much hesitation.
Ability: Dewdrop: time-space manipulation.

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Name: Masuyo Osamu (or in Japanese tradition, Osamu Masuyo)
Age: 22
Personality: Very flirty at times, but knows when to get serious. She's pretty laid back.
Looks: Pretty much the picture, but with brown hair instead of black. (Basically Dazai's but a bit longer). She has a blue tank top under a long beige cardigan, and brown eyes.
Extra: She's Dazai's twin sister, and she has a huge crush on Kunikida.
Backstory: She used to be in the Port Mafia, with Dazai. She wasn't an executive, though. She doesn't like to talk about her past.
Ability: [Insert cool name here] can make objects and people (minus herself) teleport to and from places.


Welcome to the Armed Detective Agency! This is a roleplay board where you can add members of the Agency, OCs and canon, and roleplay! Now, you can also add Port Mafia characters. I'm perfectly fine with that! Please be kind to one another, and don't kill of someone else's OC without permission. Don't make Abilities TOO OP, please. Be respectful of ships! And most importantly, have fun!
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