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Okay people, listen up. This is serious.
There is a community called "Dinosaurs" here on G+. Its owner decided to abandon it, and leave ownership to somebody else. I think I would be a good owner if I win, and I am trying to get myself some supporters which will vote for me.
All you have to do is:
1. Join the community:
2. Enter this link:
3. Put my profile's URL (shown below), and this community's URL into a form that will appear:
4. Use this code:

Thanks! :D

I'm kayla Rhenata, from New York ,

Birth of religions were just the part of human evolution because of the way of human consciousness. Or is there some more to it?? For or against??

Hello, my name is Pandega. I am from Indonesia. My general interests are biology, paleontology, physics, and general science stuff.

Do you believe democracy is an answer for humanity? Or is it like Barnard Shaw quotes "of the fools by fools for the fools". 

Hey members am from India. An adult working as Indian administrative officer. My interest: history, theology, politics and astronomy. 

I have an idea for a debate:
Do you think that people from Republic of Macedonia are really Macedonans or they are Bulgarians/Serbs?

Hi! I'm 13. My name is Konstantin and I am from Bulgaria.

Hello there! My name is Ashwin. I'm from India and I am a student. My interests are history, biology, geography and weird trivia. I was introduced to this group by my friend +Tyrannosaurus Roseae, and I look forward to taking part on future debates. :)

So, I've got another topic for a debate. It's not really a debate, thought... Anyways, what do you think about biological evolution ( evolution by means of natural and reproductive selection )? Do you support this specifically, or do you have some alternative hypothesis you believe in?
I am a Darwinist. A hardcore Darwinist .
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