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nightmare in the police public call box
By Angery Destroyer: Hi there nice to meet you hows you day i hope good oh me? well its a long story oh you want me to tell you ok but this is on your own head   it all started back in my Ship a police box thats bigger on the inside  Tardis to be more exact   but im starting to be more scared were i go in this box cause the universe and time is huge and endless  you never know what can happen  so  as i was getting ready to go to bed something made my Tardis get pulled in a time hole a horrible hole were its almost impossible to escape sighs iv got taken to a horrible   time so i crashed down on my missing home planet but it wasn't my real home i looked in the window and i saw me  my kid self but   i saw something horrible  my family everyone was dead murdered by me i saw my sister mom cut open guts everywhere  i was covered in my familys blood then he saw me then he started to come after me i was TERRIFIED i ran back to my tardis and Stormed off i was lucky to get out alive  i came back to my girlfriends  home she saw my face and asked whats wrong i told her somethings but not everything she just hugged me. so thats how my day went note of advice dont get near time holes cause your never know what will happen.


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Hey I gtg but I'll be back latez btw can I be a class I'll be on laterz
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