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I'm testing the custom sign in (email/password) along side the Open ID authentications that I already have and I would love some kind of feedback or holes that you could possibly find!

Try to break it here:

P.S. gae-init is an open source framework that helps you kickstart your apps on App Engine

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Version 1.0 of gae-init is out and is more powerful than ever! Upgrade now or start from scratch:

As many of the new features (and good old ones) are not documented, feel free to give us a hand as it's super easy to help. Just press the edit and suggest a fix for typos, mistakes or new contents!

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The half finished tutorial is back..!!

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gae-init-docs are recently updated but still missing the tutorial, but it's coming soon.. :)

Would be nice if there was an inclusion of a sessions template with user signup, password hashing, email verification, password reset etc.

why you not implement login with google by oauth2

Anyone implement role user, angularjs+ requirejs in gae-init

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gae-init upgraded to Bootstrap 3!!! Also moved to GitHub:

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Tabit a clean powerful webservice for handling your favorite music tabs

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Вы говорите по русски? Μιλάτε ελληνικά;

If you want to start your project with i18n and L10n support right from the day one, try gae-init-babel.
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