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Well, this is new to ME! First time I've invited outsiders to my Region. I have always had my original RL oil paintings in other now I have made my very own gallery on my land. This Open House is for ALL!! Please drop by for some unique original freebies, RL oil paintings brought in-world and some nice island scenery. Hope to see you there. (this Friday) Retreat

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I think we are all familiar with the saying, "You can curse the darkness or light a candle." ? Right? Well I try to live my life that way. So I wanted to share this personal thought with you.

I have joined several blogs and Google+ sites lately (as we all do) on topics I am interested in. This is nothing profound. However lately, I have found myself feeling a bit anxious, stressed and angry. As I reflected on that and tried to locate the reason or source, I recognized that is WAS these very blogs that helped me gain this perspective. They were negative, elitist, full of angry/critical opinions and just basically filled with "DRAMA".

So i asked myself, "Am I one of those ruber-necking motorist trying to see the blood"? (pause for dramatic effect)...Sadly, i was.

So I'm here to confess this let you know i have un-followed several sites. SURE...I could hang in there and voice my sense of outrage on these very sites....or i could just "let it go" choice? I am letting it go. the trite conclusion: LIFE IS SHORT...why fill it with darkness? If YOU find yourself extra angry, frustrated, stressed or just unbalanced....check what you are reading. It can be very subtle.

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(A little "old news" but i wanted it posted on my Google+ page)

A little sad news to report: Joseph Zazulak (Spiral Silverstar) has decided to shift from Digiworldz to his new adventure Space. That means Artlandia will be dissolved and my gallery (gray's gallery) will no longer be available there of course. :-( Joe has been such a good host there and a great supporter to me. I DO wish him well ...he seems to have a great opportunity there as a major contributor to their environment. GOOD LUCK Joe ! may your space dreams come true.

if you want to take a's their Goggle+ community link:

However my RL oil paintings are still available at my two other galleries:

TR's Mall --> Digiworldz Hyper Mall
Isis' Art Mall --> Sirens Grotto

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TOOO good NOT to pass on:

Thanks, man!! :-)

I'm honored to be invited -thank you, +Gray Delwood ! I hope things are going great for you. :)
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