+Agent Zwølf

*Nico was waiting patiently for Lucifer to return home from getting his hair cut, as she waited. Kerrgan scratched at the door, then as she let him out a demon leapt out and grabbed her and then quickly fled as Nico screamed and fought, but it was useless, mean while back at home Lucifer.... *

+Agent Zwølf

Nico sighed and wandered around outside Lucifer home, as she did a few demons from a few days ago appear and start to harass her, then one hits her in the face, she cries out and....

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Name: Charmeine
Age: Immortal
Gender: Female
Species: Seraphim angel
Home: Heavens
Pet: Dysince
Magic: Equipped in her staff (First photo is her agitated state, second is her normal reformed state)
Friends: Barbelo, Kit.
Extra: She has a hidden form of a human
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As Barbelo was flying through the air, her senses quickly picked up another presence coming from the heavens, as she halted and looked up, a pale sand colored dragon head appeared followed by the rest of it's body and a rider, Barbelo quickly realized it was the leader and quickly bowed in respect of her, and.. ((+Agent Zwølf 

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Name: Lyanke
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Demi Goddess
Magic: She a Enchantress
Pets: Yasmin, her Japanese unicorn
Home: Alternate world woods though can travel back and forth.
weapons: Her staff, magic, and Yasmin

Amanda was asleep once again in between his wings, until a loud bang is heard as a new angel is seen, her wings where massive, Amanda being herself immediately hid behind his wings tangling both of their wings to and +Agent Zwølf

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Name: Barbelo
Age: Immoral
Species: Angel, Cherubim
Weapon: Unknown
Personality: Reserved, intelligent, will be harsh if needed, mother like around Angelics.
Bio: Unknown.
Known to be separated from others quietly working on various projects, and to have at least 3 cups of pink lemonade.

Nico laid quietly in bed reading again with Kerrigan asleep next to her, as she read....+Agent Zwølf

Can you have more than one profile a monster profile and a profile? Thx

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Species: Minotaur
Weapon(s): Axe and Mace
Abilities: none
Gender: Bull

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