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Name: Big Brother
Real Name: Johnathon
Occupation: Splicer elimination and to protect anyone except splicers
Age: Unknown
Residence: Lower parts of Rapture(where there are more splicers)
Weapons: A Homing missile launcher, and very fast hand to hand combat
Personality: Likes to be isolated only attacking when provoked
Bio: When rapture was still thriving with life a small child slipped away from his parents and was screwing around with a few friends, after a while he tripped and fell into some sort of mechanism trapping him in a suit, the fall knocked his face on a bar leaving him in a coma in the suit, when he woke up he was fitted to the suit able to move he was near starved to death.

Hello I'm New and this is my oc hope you like it and there is and big mama (me) and a little brother. This is NOT in the real game I just made it up

Name: Troy
Birth place: Rapture
Height: 6'1
Role in Rapture: takes care of a boy named ben who is and little brother
2 role in Rapture: is a big mama

How it all started

Troy in her Amor was walk through the halls of Rapture with a big glass window with a fountain in the floor by the window. As she was injoying her time off she felt a tap on her Amor. She looked down to see a little sister with no big daddy. "Are you lost" said troy the little sister just nodded. Within a few minutes we found her big daddy not far from when I first out her. "Be more careful next time" troy said to the big daddy aka you. And with that troy ran and jump in the fountain that lead out side of Rapture. "NO!" said the little sister as she ran to the window. "sally, no" said the big daddy as you ran after her. As you look out the window to see me get over to a vent and bang on 3 times before a little boy comes out of the vent. Tory picks up the boy and hugs him as troy and him walk of to find some angles.

I hope you liked it comment on this post if you want to rp and I will message back as soon as I can 

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~Big sister~
Name: jane
Age: 19
Personally: calm until attacked protective, caring, strong, cold to everyone except for little sisters
Plasma: Incinerate 3
Bio: was a little sister until her big daddy was killed and she ran away from the man who killed him before he could harvest her. She went into her hiding hole until she grew to big for it. She ended up constructing her own suit from old big daddy suits and rosie suits so it fit her perfectly and watched how the splicers moved from the shadows and taught herself how to be slick and flexible like them. She now protects her little sisters with her life. not my art
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Name: Reaper

Age: .......

Weapons: Drill, Machine Gun, Double Barrel Shotgun

Your Little Sister whom you protect: none at the moment (On "standby")

Plasmid Powers: Insect Swarm, Hypnotize, Telekinesis

How you came in being:Late experimentation, "Adapt: Recovery/security" If and when the assigned big daddy would fall, I would respond, finding the Little Sister and protecting her until the big daddy was repaired or the little sister was assigned to another. In "Standby" my only extermination of any and all threats to Rapture, and the docs had a VERY lose definition of the word "Threats". And the bow on this psycho gift is I'm constantly "learning" to make me better at my jobs.

Bio: I was one of the last Big Daddies to be built, and I wasnt complete. When they "activated" me I saw everyone as threats, Humans and Splicers alike.....

+Ricky Dupon/Ricky Takizawa/Agent North Dakota
((Do any of you want to start a rp back up soon? Are you doing okay, Ricky?))

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alex:( I walk with a little sister, I see a vent)little sister,can you heard a other little sister in that vent? +TheRadSonic Hedgehog 

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Name: Prototype
Gender: Male
Big Daddy Type: Delta
Little Sister: [Taken Away]
Weapon: Driller [91% Good] Hack Tool [7% Good]
Bio: he was a Old Big Daddy when rapture didn't start a war, he was the second big daddy made out there after the first big daddy was shot in the face by lamb so they made a new one a stronger one, they gave him a little sister called Lisa but she was taken away when the big daddy saw something behind the door and when he looked at the door it was a sign saying "She was never yours" and then he heard "AH DADDY!" He turned around only to see... she was gone he searched for his little sister but couldn't find one, so then he went used a escape pod to get out of rapture and then he was out free, then he started to buy a home and still wear the big daddy suit and people don't call him big daddy they call him the "Bouncer" who you do not want to mess with. Suddenly someone knocked on the door, the big daddy ignored it and just sat at his table with only 1 door what was the door that was getting knocked on It kept knocking until the big daddy opened it and there was nothing only a suit case he opend it only to find a picture of a little sister and a plasmid called "Devils Kiss" and a very secured area of a picture under the sea in rapture, there was a note saying bring the girl to new York and we'll give you a peaceful life. The big daddy did the job and went back to rapture he looked around but this wasn't his rapture he knew this was The new rapture, so he looked around people were frightened and some went on cell phones to call the owner of rapture, the big daddy didn't like was he saw so he got out devil kiss he wondered how could he drink it he thought of putting it in one of his holes and did that but it really got hurting for the poor guy he looked at his arms and he was on fire till it was all gone... so he went to that secured place and found it he entered the building but wouldn't let him in there was a voice saying "I know you came for the girl prototype" "the precious girl is the queen of rapture and we don't want her to be taken away so your gonna have to go threw a hell of a fight" the door opened and there was about 10 people the Bouncer went for the middle person used his devil kiss and killed all of them in a row he marched into the girls office only to find a girl on a chair writing a letter, he took the girls arm and took her to the evaluator "Let me go!" But the Bouncer said Nothing, the Big Daddy looked at the Lady picture sure looks like a big sister, then he just realized she was a big sister, the big sister jumped into the but and aim it's head for the bouncers head but misses and hit it own head and falls asleep then he took her to the evaluator and found the man in his house "That fast? Wow you don't care about your own daughter" he nodded his head what mean "this isn't my daughter" "of course it is son! Take the helmet off!" The Big Daddy finds his daughter "you didn't lose her you sold her! To me and then somehow you come back trying to get her back but you failed and now I sold her to rapture and I needed her back!" The Big Daddy Suddenly took his drill out and killed them he put his daughter down got the gun to his head and bam the last word he could hear was "Daddy!"

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Name atlas (not frank) johnston
Big daddy type rosie
Little sisters name rose
Bio built to protect dont get on my bad side
Age unknown
Weapons rivet gun ,sub machinegun and drill
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