As we made ready for war I could see that yuuki was uneasy so I walked to her in my new green armor and said......

"Yuuki listen"

She stopped doing what she was doing and looked at me then I said......

"yuuki what's wrong, you haven't said a word to me since we got back, did I do something wrong?

She looked in to my eyes and said.......

"kenji no you didn't do anything wrong, I'm just---"

She looks down....

"Your just what yuuki?"

She raised her head and said

"K--- kenji I'm sorry, it's just that I sceard for u, I was always the strong type and u just wanted to get stronger, and I trained you as, as hard as I could, b--- but nothing could make me think you would be ok with defending the clan, I'm just sceard kenji"

I had a state of shock... She felt the same way I felt about her.... So I asked.....

"what are you sceard of"

She frowned and said .....

" kenji I'm sceard of loseing you that's all."

I smiled and walked to her and pulled her close then said....

"yuuki you won't lose me I promise to you"

Then I did the thing that made her so happy.... I kissed her.

A while later we were all dressed In our green armor and standing my the front gates of our clan. That's when master Aki started to speek....

"fellow clans members we are now going to mountain setsuko to kill off the remaining Red Dragon clan.... We might or we might not come back from this so March troups."

As we started to March and walk to mountain setsuko we noticed it was too quite and that's when the trouble happened........

As we made it to the clan we seen the the clan leaders standing by the gates...

"Godest Wat in the green gods happened?"

We looked at each other and she went to open her mother but I stoped her.

"sir we came upon the red Dragon clan"

The three leaders looked at each other and master Jun said....

"lord aki the clan of dragons are back do you know Wat this mean?"

Lord aki frowned and said.....

"the time of great peace is over we are now heading back into war."

They nodded and Lord aki looked at yuuki and said

" godest how did u guy get back"

That's when my sword begain to glow and talk

"ahh if it ant lord aki it's been a long time brother"

The three clans leaders looked at me and then seen the sword.

"you found my brothers soul katana."

Master Sun smiled and said.....

"so that's how u beat the red Dragon clan."

I nod and say...

"but I don't remember how I did it it's like I just snapped and then came back and they were all dead."

Thats when the soul sword started to glow and said...

"when you first seen me Lord kenji I knew u were the one to have my powers of our clan.

That was when Lord aki asked

" brother why would you pick a new member of the circle."

The soul in the sword laughed out

"so clueless brother do u remember why I had my soul put in to this weapon in the first place?"

Lord aki smiled and said

"You wanted to make the weak strong and the strong weak..."

The light faded and the voice said once again..

" This is my Lord now aki and I will follow his command until he dies"

The masters nod and said....

"brother are u sure the green swords men is the best choice to defend our clan?"

"in sure brother"

They heard a roar and looked up to see a red and black Dragon flying to a mountain top....

"so this is the war"

"it is time lords to defined our home."


The heat spread threw my face.... I wish this moment would last for ever.. but we parted.

"hay Kenji how about this I ask the clan leaders to let us go on an adventure together" she smiled.

I looked at her and smiled. Going on an adventure with yuuki and being with her is the only two things I really wanted to do. So I took the leap of faith and said yeah.
"i would like that yuuki very much." She smiled and said....

" Ok I'll go talk to them u can come if u like."

I smiled and looked in to her beautiful eyes and said....

"that's all I ever wanted to do..." We walked to the lead clans men hut and walked in....

"Loads I would like to make a request...."

As we walked out the gates of our clan yuuki was really quite. It made me nervous so I spoke up my feelings.

"Y- yuuki?"

She stopped walking and put her head down.

"yes kenji?"

She sound like she was crying, witch made me hurt.

" are u ok, did I do something wrong?"

She lifted her head and turned her dark blue eyes stires back at me with a water fall of tears that was about to flow.

"No u did none wrong..."

I nod and asked

"Then why are u about to cry?"

She looked at me and smiled then said...

"it's just that I think u would like junko and all her flirting."

I was hurt cause I've know yuuki for years ever since we were kids. And she think that just cause a new girl show up she thinks all pick her over my one true crush. I have to say something to help her..

"Yuuki Sun listen to me....."

I went to reach for her hand and she met me half way.

"yes kenji?"

I looked at her and said ....

"i had my eyes on u since that first day I came to training school. I wanted to say something but was scared to do so. But when we became friends them feelings grew so strong and I couldn't help but tell u how I felt today."

She wiped her eyes and smiled...

"is that how u truly feel?"

I nod and say...

" yes yuuki u are my godest and I'm ur swords men....."

She smiled and giggled.

"so cheer up please and let's get to theses woods."

She nods and say

" ok kenji"

And we begain walking again

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People my think that they are ok after a break up. But to be honest they arnt. They go threw different stages of depression. Stage one is crying. Stage two is blaming. Stage three is denial. Stage for is anger and the last stage is revenge. Wat ever u do don't be upset with ur self over a bad break up cause to be honest it was never ur fault in the beginning. Trust me this is all coming from the boy who been threw 31 break ups and made it threw them all on the hope of finding my queen for my heart.

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any one there

guys come on and do you dont be shy

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