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Name: Moltara "The Insignus Of Destruction"
Species: Unknown
Gender: Male
Main Ability: Eminent Fire (15% chance to set opponent on fire when they are attacking.)
Abilities: Completely resistant to Fire, body can exceed superhuman Capabilities, Survive under any condition, Fire can penetrate through %75 of fire resistance on opponent, can copy opponent's moves through visual.
Bio: Moltara was recently introduced into the "Legendary" Categorization, not much is known about him, after being revived from a fossil, some say he existed longer than arceus. he strives to Combine all 3 kingdoms by Conflict that Endangers all 3 kingdoms, with the last resort, Destruction of all 3, he doesn't stand for all 3 kingdoms,
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Moves: Solar Wind, Incinerate, Eruption, Radiance
Job: Adventurer

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Name: Katana
Age: 36
Gender: female
Job: teacher
Bio: Born and raised in the Kingdom of Stars, she left to train in the forest, now she trains the young children

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Name: Delta Meta
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Bio: unknown to most 
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