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+Elsa Miller

a small yet rather extravagant carriage rolls around through the kingdom of light, carrying the cargo of one particular princess from around nearby kingdom; Blair Beauchene. She looked out the window at the nearing castle, her face showing an unimpressed expression. she huffed as the carriage pulled up to the front of the castle, and waited impatiently for the Door to be opened for her.

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"Mother and Father must have made a mistake. It's overwhelming I'll have to meet the ruler of this underwhelming kingdom."

Name: Blair Beauchene

Age: 15

Race: Princess

Class: Aristocratic. (Is that what I'm supposed to write here?)

Bio: Blair Beauchene is the princess of a neighboring kingdom of Tiren. Since she was small, she had the personality of your average Aristocrat, which developed to be just like her Auntie's personality, Stuck up, snotty and privileged. Her parents (unable to conceive due to an accident just after Blair's birth) did not wish such an awful character to burden their daughter, who was in line to rule her kingdom. They immediately sent her off to Tiren, to be apprentice of its kind and just Princess. She is not looking forward to her departure into the kingdom of mixed species and magic, since she herself was born without magic. Though her personality exceeds your average person; Blair Is a massive germaphobe who will not go anywhere barefoot, and refrains from touching things. She was raised to be careful because she got sick easily as a child, but since she hasn't gone off routine of washing hands often and keeping her hands to herself, she doesn't know if she grew out of her sensitive immune system.

Likes: Pink, diamonds and gold (your general expensive things,) Everything must be clean, and high quality. Anything concerning commoners is considered filthy.

Dislikes: commoners, mud and dirt, mass production, everything inside the kingdom of Tiren, and the color orange.

Region: (outside of tiran)

Pet: ugh, animals are so filthy. No I do not own any pets

Appearance: Silky black hair, soft, tan skin, and eyes of an unexciting green. Always wearing a choker. 
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I redrew my characters, and may re-write some of of their bio's

top left- Luna black
top right- Maia
bottom left- Grace
bottom right- Nubila

((Continuation of the continuation of the continuation))

+Sydney Torruella+Elsa Miller+Edina Elric

tries to use see what is coming, but tylee did not teleport with me. I am now on my own

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Name: Aqua Nubila

Age: 20

Race: mermaid

Class: bard

Bio: Nubila had grown up with loving parents, and her also loving, 17 sisters and 23 brothers. When it was time for Nubila to find a life of her own, she discovered she had a deep interest in the human species. She began studying and experimenting with humans to figure out how to let human kind wander the beautiful sea she was proud to call home. But that all changed when man took advantage of this privilege, and used the sea as a garbage can and let all of their oil out, along with any trash they had. Nubila was terrified at her mistake and shoot mankind away from the ocean. When she restored her home to its beautiful clear state, She began searching for a new purpose to study. Now, she is skeptical about humans and thinks of them as untrustworthy, but she tries to give them a chance, sensitive to anything that goes wrong, even if it wasn't meant in a bad way. And if any of human kind tries to hurt the ocean again, she vows to not be so merciful as when she scared them away. Being friends with a kraken has its perks.

Likes: the ocean, her family, any underwater creatures, meeting new friends (besides humans) and warm waters

Dislikes: land, mean beings, humankind, cold water, and sushi

Reigon: water

Pet: none. if all water creatures are her allys, why should she give only one the most attention?

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I'm thinking of a theme for tiran. Like an anthem maybe. I was thinking of either this song or another one. Help maybe?

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Permission to call this the map of tiran, +Elsa Miller ?

Fourth continuation
+Elsa Miller+Sydney Torruella+Edina Elric



The story of the winged foxes:

The great winged fox tribes are one of the oldest great animal races, along with the noble wolves(cousins of the used-to-be soul hounds) the magesty tigers and the greater lions. The race itself is said to have started when a gryphon and a large fox fell in love. The gryphon was named Zucumbro and the Fox was Tomrala. From them, came the first great winged fox, malentoco. His fur resembles all of the colors of the foxes. And his wings were white and seemed to be made of mist. He took another large fox, Nilla (Nee-ya) as his wife. They had the prime foxes. Seven Large foxes with transparent and shimmering fur, and golden wings. The primes are the ancestors of the great winged foxes.

During the riolue war, the seven and malentoco joined on the aerial army of the tiran soldiers. They fought as hard as they could. When the leader of the aerial army was killed, malentoco was enraged from the loss of a friend. He was said to have took out the entire Enemy that took to the skies. After tiran won the war, the primes went into hiding, after several threats of being captured for their power and magic. No one has found the immortal beings since. And as for malentoco, he retired with Nilla to the forests of tiran. For centuries now, he has stayed hidden. But those who encounter him, only are visited for a few seconds. He also speaks the lost language of the primes.

in yabdek eniys nikt bleszon
may the primes bless you

Race: elf
Reigon: plants, whether and ice
Bio: she was raised by a wolf when she was young, because her mother was too poor to take care of grace. When she was old enough, grace was sent to her mother. (Her father was lost I a mineshaft accident before she was born) now she is the best archer in her small town
Pet:an electric serpent named yue
Apperance: white (yes white) skin and amber eyes, midnight black hair. Usually wears a pale blue cloak with traveling clothes and combat boots
Weapons: a long bow with a never empty quiver
Is also exceptional at the cross bow and a sword 
Likes: isolation, nature, yue, and archery, animals.
Dislikes: people, company in general, cities, advanced technology.
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