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Last Name:Tang
Age:11(real age)
Good/Bad: Bad
Powers: Can throw fire balls instead of snow balls (lol)
Nemesis:Chiller (good also ninja our clans will always be enemies lol)
Pet:Ninja Dog (picture)
Me:(picture immortal)
Likes:My dog and My wife
Dislikes:My father and siblings
Bio: I've hated my brothers all my life my dad has always told me to not seek vengeance but to kill anyone good but when i turned 200 years old i fell in love with someone in  the Snow Clan and everything changed we only met each other one every 10 years then my dad was assassinated by her father, Iko-Mishi  and i was sad and my brothers all fell in love with people from the Snow Clan then when my father died i became the thirteenth heir and  the Snow Clan and my clan became friends
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who am i again

((continued with +Ella George))

all three of us walk silently through this man's creepy old mansion. I can't explain it but I get a starnge vibe from him...but I don't think the others girls noticed. If we could just get some more information on him...well lets look in a few rooms.

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Name: Bella
Last name: Jonas
Age: 15
Side: Bad (I thought that would be interesting)
Look: Picture down ↓
Pet: White owl
Like: Fun
Dislike: When someone have different thinking than me
Power: When I blinking I can make people do something what I want them to do. I am only fifteen so I do lots of stuffs without thinking about that.


+Brandi The Snow Queen May I be Ginny from "Harry Potter"? I mean she is magical on some way too...

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everyone listen this is importnant!!  At some points in the community, when your character does something important for your kind/clan ((good or evil)) you will get one of the symbols below. only me, +Ella George or +peter pan can decide this.
they can be any color and appear anywhere on your body ((normally arm or leg))


((captions for the pictures show what symbol you will get if your good or bad))
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Name: Rose
Age: 16
Likes: having fun and adventures
Dislikes: enemies and demons
Weapons: bow and arrow
Side: angels

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Im standing in a brook near the tree I stay at. I wonder what its like yo be a human?
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