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Name: Aradia Megido
Age: 16
Rank: fairly well-known, but not for reasons most popular girls are.
Crush: None
Hobbies: Archaeology, writing, reading, coming up with apocalypse theories.
Likes: History, clocks, dead things, cotton candy.
Dislikes: Faygo, clowns, fish.
Personality: Cold and quiet towards people who give her a bad feeling. Cheerful and happy around friends and nice people. If she gets annoyed, she will randomly snap and say something cold.
Appearance: Pale grey skin and curly horns, long wavy black hair. She has red eyes. She wears a black shirt with a red ♈️ symbol, a long below-the-knees grey skirt, white socks, and black shoes.

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Name: Jasmine
Age: 16
Crush: not yet
Popular or Normal: Normal
Likes: singing, playing guitar and skateboarding.
Dislikes: bullies, bad marks
Personality: brave, stubbornly, cheerful
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Name : Layla
Age : 16
Position : Most popular
Hobbies : singing, shopping, makeuping(?), skateboarding
Dislikes : Mean people and bullies
Personality : Cheerful most of the times but can be spoilt sometimes
Bio : Her father is a rich buisnessman in the music industri, allowing her and her friends to appear in music videos of famous singers. Has a pet chihuahua named Rupert.

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I am in my bedroom doing a makeup tutorial for my youtube channel  when you...

((Open RP, anyone can join))

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Name: Madison Trainer (Maddie)
Age: 15, about to turn 16
Crush: Zane
Popular or Normal: Most popular girl in school
Likes: Being with populars, Slumber parties with her best friends, strawberry lollipops, boys, looking through her designer wardrobe, doing vlogs and makeup tutorials for her youtube channel and zane
 and teasing normals
Dislikes: Having to be around normals, homework and running out of her favourite lip gloss
Appearance: See pictures
Personality: Nice to populars, kind of snobby to normals, stylish and very stylish 
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List of Characters so far:

Most Popular girls in school
Maddie: taken : Me ((Most popular girl in school))
Layla: taken +Draculaura, daughter of Dracula 
Alex: taken +C.A Cupid™ 
Zara: taken +Lilly Rose 
((Name of choice)): Open

Popular Girls
Sophie: Open
Rebekah: Open
Niamh: Open
Lauren: Open
Gemma: Open
Isabella: taken +superfan raven and dexter 
Marina: taken +Queen Minka Luna Rose Kaarike 

More to be added

Most popular Boys
Zane: Open
Jake: Open
Kyle: Open
Zack: Open

Popular Boys
Dylan: Open
Hamish: Open
Connor: Open
Cameron: Open
James: Open
Joe: Open
Kian: Open
Jackson: Open

More to be Added

Normal Girls
Demi: ((Leader of Normals)) : Open
Kayla: Open
Amy: Open
Naomi: Open
Sophie: Open
Jasmine: taken +Noortje de Kloe 
Emma: Open
Madeline: taken +Ella Arendelle™ 
More to be added

Normal Boys
Sam: Open
Jack: Open
Edward: Open
Chad: Open

More to be added

If you want to request a character to be put in the list or you want to change the name of one of them, let me know! :)
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