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Had an awesome chat with +Zappar about the #ZapBox on Friday! Check it out here

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Screenshot on the different #VR resources from +Zappar's Kickstarter Campaign. 

Our school has ipads and I'm thrilled that we can use Google Expeditions on them. Has anyone done this and is there any ideas you want to share.?

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Need some ideas of a platform / way to make a tour for new students to the school. How do I make pictures, put it on a map, and share it to others to view?

Looking for feedback. My administrator would like the get 1 HTC Vive for our district and set it up in a space in each school for a period of time through out the year instead of getting mulitple cheaper sets. We can only afford 1 considering we also need to get a decent gaming laptop to go with it. Is it worth getting one for our district? 

I just responded to Dave about VR Viewers, but thought the whole community may find this helpful.

You can find affordable options for plastic viewers, and would highly recommend using plastic with students. With the cardboard around eyes, nose and forehead (yuck), it's impossible to disinfect. Great point about the durability.
A few things I've found helpful in deciding on the right viewer:
1. Make sure your camera is exposed on your device. It may not seem important now, but with Mixed Reality being the future, it will be important.
2. Get a viewer that has a magnet selection option. Some apps require you to select on the screen, and that's a problem if you need to take off your viewer and touch the screen every time.
3. Try to get a viewer that allows you to connect to your headphones.
4. A bonus is getting a viewer that can adjust how close or far away the device is from your face. This option is nice to get the best view for everyone.
5. Remotes with iOS is tricky, and unless you have Android devices, aren't a great option...YET.
Hope that helps, and I've linked a few that look decent. I like GearBest :)

Ritech VR MAX Virtual Reality 3D Glasses ($12.59)

VR Case 3D Virtual Reality Glasses Headset ($9.99) NO BUTTON

Hi all! Does anyone have experience with the use of more durable VR goggles? Our school would like to invest in VR hardware but are concerned about cardboard's lack of durability, especially in the hands of younger students. We are also in the market for lower priced devices to run all the different VR apps. If anyone could advise on a cost effective solution would be much appreciated. Many thanks!

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