🏡Where you live:arizona
🌇Hometown: tuma
💟Single or Taken?:gonna be single
🎨Fave color?:pink
🏈Fave sport?: football
🎈Bday?:January 17
👫Best friend?: don't know who are my bffs
🐶Any pets?: a cat named shuy shuy
🍓Fave food?: salads
🎧Fave song?: 679 cover by Macy kate
🐙Fave animal?: wolves
🎄Fave holiday?: new years
📺Fave TV Show?: who's line is it anyways
👠Fave article of clothing?: don't have any
💔Ever had a bad breakup?: nope
😢Ever self harmed?: multiple times
😭Ever been depressed?: always
😒Ever contemplated suicide?: yep
🌊Biggest fear🌊: life
💄Do you wear makeup? Hate makeup
💃Can you dance?: a little
🎤Can you sing?: deffently
💀Any strange medical conditions?: I can get vesions
👀Ever had a stalker?: nope
💵Dream Job?: don't have one
🚗Dream car?: don't have one
🚼Want kids?: yes
💌Wanna get married?: yes
🗻Where you wanna live?: new York
🈳How many languages do you speak?: 2
☀Winter or Summer?: summer
🍁Fall or Spring?: spring
🌈Snow or Sun? Sun
🗽One place you want to visit?: Washington
🙏Believe in God?: kinda
👽Believe in Aliens?: kinda
👻Believe in Ghosts?:kinda
🌙Believe in Fate?:kinda
I Tag: +Mangle The Fox+Laila TV+Phan Jun Han

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Who do u have a crush on?
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Wewereer all md fr kt here

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Why am I here?

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