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All the kingdoms
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Name: Red
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Height: around 6 foot 3 inches
Species: Demon Hound
Race: Demon Hound
Title: The Hunter, he is a regular person/Demon hound who provides for the ones he cares about.
Likes: Hunting, the ones he cares about, watching life
Dislikes: People he cares about getting hurt, people being really loud
Hobbies: Watching people live their lives
Personality: Caring, watchful, loyal, cautious
Appearance: He is a tall fellow, but looks like he could do well in a bare hands fight, so strong and tall, in his wolf form he has black fur with red swirls
Abilities: shifting from human to wolf. Hearing, strength, smell, and speed are all enhanced due to him being a demon wolf.
Weapons: A short sword, in wolf form himself.
Bio: to be added when I have more time

Red was roaming in between all the kingdoms, he didn't have any responsibilities due to most his family either being split up or dead. He smiled thinking of his family, but then he saw you approaching him. You... (open rp)

Name- Galaxie
Age-23 millenniums
Gender- Male
S/O- pansexual
Species- Ghoul/shifter
Race- Creation Fire god/entity

Personality- Keeps to himself now-a-days and doesn’t talk to many people anymore.

Appearance- He has mismatched eyes, His left eye is a bright emerald whilst his right one is a deep sapphire. He has long crimson hair that reaches his waist and two horns above his ears. He’s tan and his shoulders and neck are decorated in freckles. He walks around shirtless and only wears pants.

Abilities- He controls all natural fire and if he wanted, the fire of someone else. His fire has passed physical limits and can’t be put out by natural ways. IF he wished it, it could burn for an eternity. His skin burns hotter than the sun and could give someone a third degree burn by just touching them. He has six kagune, they hold the power of electricity and are immune to non kagune like weapons.

Weapons- Two swords of flame enhancing his power, kagune.

Skills- Hand to hand combat, good with swords.

Enhanced Physical abilities- Agility, jumping, and flexibility

Enhanced senses- Smell, hearing, vision, and awareness.

Bio- after consuming the fire crystal of his planet ragnorak, fire and lava are the only things that course through his body. Be careful when around him.

Name: ivy
Age:19(looks) (is) 1900
Title: princess
Likes:friends,playing with magic,eating,playing sports
Dislikes:annoying people,
Personilty:happy,easily tempered,hothead,(I just described myself XD)
Appearance: my profile pic if it's ok
Abilities:telepathy,healing,flight,shapeshift,fire(strong),super speed,very skilled at fighting,super strength,water(but weak),earth(very weak),
Weapons: sais,katanas

Galaxy sat upon his throne in the quiet room of the fire kingdom, blistering temperatures surrounded him comfortably. Mismatched eyes were on the doors but he was thinking of other things, spacing out per say. Other than the molten lava and fire that was around his castle, there were also gems in colours from red to yellow. Despite it being a kingdom of an element that produced light, it was dark and the fire was grey.
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