Chapter 10 boi its 1:30 am:
We walked back into camp carrying two bags full of supplies, food, ammo, and anything else worth scavenging. Joshua walked up to us “who the hell is this? We don't have much extra food.” he says looking sternly at me and Buck. “Well we will soon, we found these.” I reach into the bag pulling out fruit and vegetable seed packets “We can grow crops now”. Joshua gave us another stern look and left.

I felt a hand covering my mouth then a reassuring voice “shh, shh, shh its me John, they don't know I'm here” he said whispering into my ear,I nodded and he uncovered my hand. “What are you doing here, you were banished remember?” “James now isn't the time, they're here, The Mask is here.”he said in a grimm voice he thrust a silenced 10mm pistol into my arms. “You're gonna need that. When I give the signal, open fire.” We snuck out of the tent and got behind some crates. The entire compound’s population was lined up with their hands bound.

John slung his rifle around his back and started to climb up the wooden walls of the camp. Reaching the top, he unsheathed his knife moving towards a guard positioned there. He stabbed the mask guard through the neck blood spurting out the other side than pulled it out and threw it at another guard who had seen him. I looked over at the line of hostages one, the leader had a 10mm pointed at joshua’s head “I'm getting real tired of this little settlement, you’ve been a pain in my ass for years.”

A loud crack is heard as the leader falls over, a hole through his head. that must be the signal I thought. I aimed the weapon at the nearest mask member and fired, he fell onto the ground. Other mask soldiers are falling to a sniper on top of the wall, John. I run towards the line of hostages untying as many as I can. Joshua grabs the leader’s 10mm and starts firing at the mask units. John jumps down landing on a mask soldier, he puts a bullet in his head as he falls. We rush the majority of the settlement to evacuate as we stay and fight.

More mask men aim their guns at us when I hear click, I reach for my belt and there are no extra clips. Joshua succumbs to the same fate. John is the only one who can fight. More shots fire from a unknown location similar to the leader’s death, taking out more enemy soldiers. “There are too many of them, we need to surrender” Joshua says knowing that it's hopeless. “I'm sorry but I can't do that” his final shot goes off, he is also out of ammo. He pulls out a fragmentation grenade and runs towards the largest group of enemies.
“Run I'll clear a path!” He yells. He takes multiple shots but he keeps moving toward his enemy He pulls the pin and screams in pain. The grenade explodes, killing him and a large amount of mask soldiers. With the gap in the masks army we were able to escape.
I was stuck on the road again, no home, no supplies, except this time I wasn't alone. We walked away from the burning pile of wreckage that was our home. One of the settlers gave me more ammo and I Went to reload the pistol that John had given me. I ejected the previous magazine and a note fell out with it, it read

Dear James,
I appreciate your kindness in helping me find the mask. Since I was banished I have gotten a new toy, Its name is Scout. That was the thing providing sniper fire. I've also hidden a secret inside it. James I did it, I found the mask base. I've hidden that information inside Scout. Scout was told to meet up at your rendezvous spot. Please do me one last favor. Destroy the mask.

We then met up at the rendezvous point. I was surprised to see tj and he was awake. But how? Soon after an eyebot arrived its designation was Scout and it had a sniper rifle instead of the standard issue laser. It opened a small compartment and a map was inside. It had the location of the mask base. We now knew where they where, we could finally mount an offensive.

Chapter 9
My legs hurt by the time the sun rose. I couldn't even see any civilization since the compound, just dead trees and dormant grass.
Along with the sense of death and dread like the grim reaper was stalking me himself.
I kept on walking, probably driven on by the gunshots behind me, half a mile back by the sound of it.
I heard them again, closer. I walked faster, making sure I kept my eyes out so I wouldn't trip, the last thing I need is a broken leg.
They fell away after a while, and I relaxed a bit, until I heard rustling next to me.
I let a shot off in the bushes and there was a yelp of pain.
A man stumbled out, a bullet hole in his thigh. He looked shocked, not even angry, as if I shouldn't have even heard him.
"You're a first, dude. No ones seen me before. Heh, nice shot" he said, as he put pressure on the wound.
"Sorry" I said in a low voice
"Eh, its fine. Names Buck, pleased to meet you."
"James, why were you stalking me?"
"Cause, thought you were one of those hazmat yahoos. I've been trying to kill a few, since they torched my house."
He seemed a little sad, but he perked up again." So what are you doing out here? Hunting too?"
"Sorta... I'm looking for help..."
"With what?"
"My compound... we need help against the mask."
He smiled, and I noticed his teeth were black
"Well shoot, I'll do it. I have 5 of them gone cause of Daisey here" he shows me a rifle, kar98k by the looks of it.
"Uh... I don't know..."
" come on, and I'm free of charge. Just give me a mat to sleep on. And I'm a good mechanic."
"Alright... let's check the nearest town for anything useful and we'll go back"
Another toothless grin" sounds like a plan, could use some beans anyways"
We headed to the smell of death and fire, signalling what once was some sort of town.
He laughed, as we headed inside.

where is chap 8

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Hey! I'm on Kik - my username is "Patchyblackbeard"

Chapter 2.
I woke up to screams. Bloodcurdling screams.
My eyes shot open and I looked at the situation.

I was on my knees and zip tied, and lined up with 3 people on my left. I was last.
One of them was a woman, crying and screaming at a body to her left. 'Her husband' I thought.
Standing over her was a man in a hazmat suit, like mine, but ice white. He had a .44 in his hand. Two men behind him wore exactly the same.
I saw something sparkle from around their necks, but couldn't see what it was.
The man stepped over to her, and pointed the magnum at her head.
He pulled the hammer.
"Please. Just let me..."
She fell, her lifeless body dripping with blood.
He seemed to strut over to the next man.
The mans eyes were wide, like a deer in the head lights.
He was dead silent. The man next to me whimpered, tears streaming down his face.
The mans head rocked back, and his eyes lost all life.
I heard a wheeze come from the man next to me, he knew he was next.
The man strutted over, and out the gun to the mans head.
He looked into the mans eyes, and I heard a chuckle come from him.
"Don't worry, its painless"
A short scream came from the man, but was cut off.
He walked over to me, and I looked down the barrel.
"Wait," I heard a deep, raspy voice come from another suit, walking in from a house. "He's got a suit, he could be saved."
"I don't know, Vers, he might be contaminated"
"Let's take him to the prophet, he'll decide."
The man shrugged, and flipped the gun in his hand.
The last I remember was the butt of his gun, and a pain to my temple.

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Chapter Seven

Chapter 6 revision.

There seemed to be some sort of standoff. The man seemed more agitated by the silence and no one would answer him.
"I will ask again, where is the mask?"
Joshua stepped in" I don't know. They just raid us and don't leave a trace"
The man looked towards me. "You said they knew where the Mask is!"
T.J. stormed out of his tent, with an angry look on his face and a luger in his hand.
"Don't you dare mention them here, EVER!"
The man looked at T.J. with a smirk.
"Why?" He replied, while looking at T.J. with a dark look.
T.J. was furious now. "Get out! Now!"
"T.J.? What's wrong?" Joshua asked, worried by T.J.'s outburst.
"What's wrong is that I want to forget them!"
"Forget? How do you know them?"
"I... I used to run with them, before I met you guys. Listen I..."
T.J. couldn't finish before the man had a knife to his throat.
"Where are they, you murderous bloodsucking monster?!
T.J. put his luger to the mans chest, and they held like that for seemingly forever.
Then the fight started. I didn't see who started it, but it looked rough.
T.J. landed a punch on the man's face, and the man retaliated with a kick to the gut. T.J. was doubled over in pain, and the man kneed him in the face, but he was dragged down with him.
They landed in T.J.'s tent. All we could see was rustling in the tent.
The man backed out slowly. He had his hands up.
T.J. walked out with a lever action shotgun. It was pointed at the man.
He grinned like he was a king.
Then the hole appeared in his chest.
The man was holding a silent 10mm pistol.
T.J. looked down at his chest, seized up, and fell.


T.J. was in a coma, the doctor had said. They were able to dress the wound and stop the bleeding, but the shock and fall put him under.
The man was put in a tent with a guard outside.
I was to watch T.J. first. I didn't know him much, but I still felt bad. I was given a gun in case he woke up and attack me.
I looked at the wound. That's when I noticed something. The bullet had hit him between his stomach and heart cavity. An inch off and stomach acid would have filled his heart cavity and dissolved his heart.
He was lucky, but maybe not that lucky.

Chapter Six

There seemed to be a sort of standoff. With that man seeming to be on a warpath, and the camp wanting him out, things weren't exactly perfect. Then T.J. came out of his tent, face white as a ghost.
"What did you say"
The hooded man seemed even more irritated " I'm looking for the Mask. You know, the murdering, insane, head hunting Christians?"
T.J. drew a Luger from his waistband" don't you dare mention them here, ever!"
The camp seemed shocked, apparently they never seen him like this.
"T.J. what's wrong?" April asked.
"I'm not letting this guy ruin the life I've had here, bringing the mask here."
"You know the mask, then?" The hooded man asked.
T.J. face somehow paled even more.
"Of course, I was a member"
Before anyone could react, the hooded man had T.J. by his throat with a knife.
"Where are they, you miserable no goo..."
That was all he could say before he realised he had a Luger to his chest.
They were at an stalemate, and then T.J. had the first punch.
They fought and tussled until T.J. got into his tent and pulled out a pump action shotgun.
He smiled, then the shot rang out.
The hooded man had a revolver hidden, and had blasted T.J. in the chest.
The blood drained from his face as he collapsed.
Everyone rushed towards him and had him in the medical tent, bandaged and stim packed.
The hooded man and his robot were thrown into a small tent with Someone guarding.


T.J. was in a coma, the doctor had said. Well, he wasn't a doctor, but an army medic.
They had stopped the bleeding and had dressed the wound, but the shock had put him under. He wasn't going to wake up for a while.
I was to watch him until day, then April would take over.
While I was watching him, I noticed something. His bullet wound was right between his heart and stomach. If it was an inch off, stomach acid would have filled his heart cavity and digested his heart. He was lucky.
But not lucky enough.

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So i started writing my personal characters story:

I woke up

I was surprised to see my wife missing from her side of the bed. I looked outside, it was a nice day.

Still wondering where my wife had gone I went down the stairs and into the kitchen.I was shocked to see that my wife had made breakfast, my 6 year old son already at the table eating his usual bowl of Sugar Bombs. It was his first day pf school after the move to denver. My wife sat down at the table with a plate in each hand. The playes were full of delicious food, including bacon, eggs, pancakes and waffles.

After I finished eating I walked my son to the bus. “Have a good day, I love you” I said.

Without responding he climbed into the bus and it drove away.

I walked back inside seeing my wife terrified.
“What is it” I asked as I started to hear screams and panic outside. The radio was on.
“Once again China has lanched multiple nuclear bombs toward the U.S. Please stay indoors and find shelter, some of you may be asked to stay in your local vault-tec vault.”

That was the moment the world turned to shit.
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