You see a giant alien sparring with one of your kind, her Black tail and her ears are out. You wonder "what on earth are they doing and what is that big thing?" You then notice the big alien walk off into the woods. You then....

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Race 4
Yautja or Predator:
The Yautja are a predatory race who live for the thrill of the hunt. Like the normal hunters they will hunt game such as animals but there is a twist they also hunt sentient life preferably ones who are armed because it gives more thrill to the hunt. But before they can hunt other sentient life such as humans they have to be Blooded with the thwei (blood) by Kainde Amedha or Xenomorph. That little ritual is the coming to manhood for the Yautja. Sometimes if a "Predator" does an act of heresy or murders someone higher than he without uttering challenge they will be sent to a planet for 100 years and they can be sought for prey by others (Like my character). There are also two types of them the Regular Predators and the Super Predators.(look at last three pics to see)





Armor class:

Predator Type:

Clan: (if you want)


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I sit on a branch of tree fully cloaked thinking about the events that happened a 24 hours ago. One minute I walk into my clan leaders chambers the next minute I was surrounded by guards being accused of killing him. I itched my back and say in my language Why me? I sigh and scratch my forearm when I hear some laughter and then I hear a high pitched scream. It sounded like something was in distress I grew curious and checked out it. I see some human males with some daggers surrounding a smaller human female. The leader of group came at the female and then she....

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Name: Inab 'Zjusee

Race: Yautja [or The Predator]

Age: 45

Gender: male

Weapons: wrist blades, plasma caster, combi stick, smart disc

Armor: classic

Bio: Inab was banished to earth by his clan for something he didn't do. He was framed by a jealous clan member who killed the clan leader and blamed it on him. They shamed him in front of his family by marking him with a symbol of shame.

Hey +Kaylyn Fletcher (Kitty) should I name the info for my guys species or do you want to

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name: Kevin
age: 16
gender: male
race: cat shifter
skills: fast, good climber
animal DNA acquired: cat, wolf
personality: shy, easily nervous, embarrassed a lot
likes: fish, playing
dislikes: dogs
crush: open
home: none
job: none
bio: lives on his own, the only DNA he has besides cat is an accident where he had to defend himself. He has to escape capture every day.

anybody willing to bring this back to life?

(Sandifer) I'm in rat form, walking behind a shop. I see you and hide under a dumpster
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