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Join the community and talk about minecraft, It anyone would like to join my minecraft wall Add me
I plan to use community this on xboxone

My rule are
1. You start in my world with a Rank
2. Build any house you like
3. No Griefing or Steal anything You will kick out for 3 Day
4. No moderate

It you don't follow my rule you will be ban for 5 Day

HEY so i wanna do a survival world where it's just a big community of people that build and have kinda rp? It will be using the natural texturepack then we will be on normal~! comment if you would like to be in the world~!!! highly reccomended if u have a mic C: ty -xoxo GT:PikachuXxAlliex (almost forgot my user... AWKWARD GIRL)

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Here is my Redstone doorball
CharlieShasta xbox360

what should I build in xboxone

day 1

For everyone that just join you can post anything minecraft pic

Thank you

if I add you to join my minecraft world you can add me xbox 360 if i get my internet working

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Redstone dust random spawns in my world seed 1414 right next to a village

what do you want to see on this communities

it you have pic of your minecraft world you want to share. you are welcome to
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