And that heaven and that earth entirely belong to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Take heed to yourselves, flee covetousness: for the true value of our life, even of ministry, is not defined in material terms.

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Quote of the Day - Leonard: Would you please turn your shirt off?
Raj: What? I'm giving myself dramatic entrance music. People will know I'm awesome and to be feared.
Howard: Right. There's nothing more awesome and frightening than a man who's got music blasting from between his nipples.

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Werewolves, vampires, things that go bump in the night! If you write horror, this is your season! These four (not five) publishers want your stories, and they don't require an agent. (Updated on 10/20/17)

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Belle sends Arthur and Terence to the chemist, for sticking plasters and a specimen jar. Arthur thinks he may have concussion. He goes anyway. He comes back with a box of jungle character sticking plasters just as Sweezus and Sartre are arriving. Terence tells Sweezus about the beetle. Sweezus fixes Arthur's hurt knees.

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The news about H. L. Oldie's new book are going one by one! :-)
Here you can see a book cover art to our new book "Bovis ex Machina" ("Bull from a Machine"), noir cyberpunk detective. The cover art by Vladimir Bondar. The book is coming soon up to the end of November, 2017 in Russian, in hard cover ("Azbooka" Publisher -- "Azbooka-Atticus" Publishing Group, Russia, St. Petersburg).

Let the fullness of the restoration power of God come upon us as a mighty shower from heaven, this very hour. In Jesus name. Amen.

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Shorties: Number 43
With a heart encumbered by a world of cares, Pete struck a match and cupped his hand around it in a protective reflex. He had too many matches blown out over the years before they could do their work. Inching closer to the kindling he set up, he relished the aroma wafting to his nostrils. Once the kindling caught fire, he carefully added dry leaves and trigs and watched it gain strength. Soon, Pete could warm himself while cooking his supper.

Anxiety had built over the last months and Pete simply could not purge it all from his heart. In a desperate attempt to gain clarity, he traveled alone to the mountains. He wanted to commune with nature and seek his God. With a chill in his bones, Pete knew he would need to wear many layers as he tried to sleep later. He doubted sleep would find him. It would wander the woods all weekend. Sleep wouldn’t be found until he finally reached his bed Sunday night.
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