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‘Far Cry 4′ Sold 7 Million Units in previous two month

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Daemon's +Justin Carter writes about his marathon Farcry Core coding spree has helped him learn to write better software.

He shares some "tricks" to maintain consecutive streak of contributions on #github  but it's really about keeping the momentum of making improvements to the one project. There are lots of features and bugs that are hard to tackle at once but by forcing himself to address the issues in small chunks the work becomes much more manageable.

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The current RC installer for SHINY is a sample project called "Chelsea".  It's the first of several sample projects we plan to release with the installer.

It's based on the Chelsea open source design we released a while back. "Chelsea" leverages the new FarCry CMS plugin, and showcases a variety of project level modifications.  You can use it as is, or just as a reference for the sorts of things you can do easily in FarCry.

If you don't have time to download it and have a play as I've uploaded and installed onto a small CloudBees instance:

You can login and have a play around here:   username: farcry
  password: chelsea

Every time the app service gets restarted it should wipe everything back to the initial installation state.  If you see anything in there that looks a little bit off colour, please let me know and I'll reset the app.


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FarCry Chelsea Sample Project available for Cloudbees!   It's a work in progress but works just fine and dandy.  If you want to play with some CloudBees-FarCry magic let me know :)

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So easy to set up great looking, personalised logins :)
FarCry 7: Shiny Screenshots
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Totally love this little bit of design puff. Lets you really personalise the feel of your webtop.

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A few more (relatively high res) shots of the original FarCry c2000-2003
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Finally added a README for the GitHub project :)

Let me know if you think it should be more verbose :)

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I thought the updated "Places to go" list was pretty useful. Am I missing anything?

## Places to go

### Community
- FarCry Core Website:
- farcry-dev Google Group:!forum/farcry-dev
- HipChat Room like IRC:
- Google+ Community:
- FarCry Documentation WIKI:
- FarCry Committers Blog:
- Daemon: Commercial Support/Training/Development:

### Code
- farcrycore Github:
- FarCry Component/Tag Documentation:
- FarCry Plugin Directory:
- FarCry Bug Database:
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