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Participate in commenting and read open peer reviews of timely article on school shootings and the right to bear arms:

Here's a quick update on our progress as we design deliberation, draft policies for open and public deliberation, and improve our current site:

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Perhaps this might be of interest -- discussing and critically reflecting on a recent set of pieces in N+1 and Amor Mundi about opinion, the internet, our rights and duties, and the nature of truth

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A new post on the design of the user interface(s) for the PPJ. Please be sure to let us know what you think about the suggestions, especially if we have overlooked something that is relevant to your concerns. Feel free to comment on the post itself, or to contact us directly at:

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As promised, we've launched (re-lauched?) the refreshed design for the PPJ site (refreshed design because its not a completely new design).  You'll notice a couple of things.  

(1) layout has been fiddled with so that we 've got a smaller, sleeker nav bar at the top

(2) the "above the fold" section is filled with major posts (with large imagery)

(3) below the "above the fold section" we've got three columns: about the project, recent updates, and tweets

(4) Navigation/Information architecture has been streamlined

(5) a new website submission form has been created

When you post to the site, you can choose if the post goes to the "above the fold" seciton or the "Recent Posts" column.  The "above the fold" posts require a large image.

You'll notice that Dan (the designer) arbitrarily chose a couple of posts (and then located some relevant (ish) images to go with them.  You should feel free to change those if you want (move more to the "above the fold" section, change the images, etc).  

Some things that I need feedback on:

(1) Are there any egregious mistakes I made with the streamlined nav (should anything be changed, etc).  

(2) is the web resource submission form good?  Do fields need to change?  Do we need to call that something other than "submission form."

(3) are there any other glaring issues

We can make small tweaks, but I don't want to do anything hugely major right now (because we need to focus our efforts on the actual project)

At this point, you should feel free to start posing stuff to the main project site.  Remember, however, that people need to do posts, not create pages (which adds to the nav bar).  


PPJ stickers are due to be delivered to MATRIX today.  Tomorrow, when I'm in my MATRIX office, I'll send transship them to you guys

Update on the refreshed design.  Dan (our designer) says he can get things done next Monday or Tuesday.  This not only includes the design changes, but also the more robust link/source submission system.  I'm also working with him to clean up the information architecture (which was getting a little top heavy)

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Here is a link to a post about my recent presentation about the PPJ to the #APAEastern  in Baltimore.
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