Is there any option to enlarge the font size since the 2.0.0 build?
If I remember correctly there was an option to enlarge the font (for example in build 1.23.4). Thank you very much!

I'm using conversations for security purposes and today I've found out something that has made me very nervous.

Android's notifications are kept in plain text and, no matter that you remove your chats, they're still recorded in the notifications log. You can check it adding a widget (choose the widget that is like the settings gear and, when asked, choose notifications log).

One way to solve this is to just disable notificactions for the conversations app, which then avoids the problem, but I'd like to be able to configure something like a very simple notification, without any metadata, which, even if logged, wouldn't disclose any information.

Do you think that somethig like this would be acceptable for the app?

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I'm using latest 1.24.3 version and the clip icon to send attachments in chat rooms has disappeared. Non-beta users (1.24.3) have it.

Is there anything I'm missing?

I need documentation of the source code of conversation to understand the functionality of the process.

Hi guys,

I recently installed conversations from the source code in github. I have my own EC2 Amazon account so I am quite happy so far. There is one single problem. When sending attachments (i.e pictures) it takes about 1 to 2 mins for upload. A friend of mine suggested that I should increase the GiB memory on my server which currently runs on only 1 Gib...Even so, I have only ejabberd installed on the server and that needs only 512mb usage so I am not sure if I should or not increase the memory (which obviously comes with a cost).

The question is... What are the minimum requirements in terms of mem usage that you guys would suggest (That if it turns out at this is the actual issue and is not something else). At the moment we are only like 4 people which have the apk installed and it just doesn't make sense to increase the least not for this no of limited users.

Thank you

Hello everyone! My first post here.

First, thanks to all the developers, especially +Daniel Gultsch, who keep XMPP modern and practical for everyone. Keep up the great work!

Now my question: I can't find a way to mark any of my contacts marked as trusted. In the contact details dialogue I can see OMEMO and OTR fingerprints, but I don't see any UI elements to verify the fingerprint.

Am I missing something, or is it going to be added, or is the verification disabled by design? In the latter case, I would be curious to know why.

Regarding my last question here, why can't I verify my contact's fingerprint

Well, after reading
Blind Trust Before Verification
I now understand why there is no button to mark fingerprints as verified in the app. The only way to verify a contact's fingerprint is to scan their 2D code. Makes perfect sense.

Now the problem is, my QR scanner app ( does not recognize the code. If anyone in this community confirms this problem, I will file a bug report.

Hi Guys,

I installed conversations App from source code in github. Everything working fine. But only one problem is while sending message it's not showing double tic(right mark). Can anyone help me in that regard?

Hello, I have a two contacts in conversions with which no OMEMO is displayed. In the text, however, the castle can be seen. I have already created the account, reinstalled the app and removed the ID. Everything has not helped?
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