Full Name: Victory 'Pegadin' Scroll
Power: Fairy of the Arts
Place of Origin: Nikeia
Family: Father- King Hugh of Nikeia, Mother- Queen Essence, Older sister- Princess Noble Rose of Nikeia, Younger Brother- Sid Shay of Nikeia
Love interest: I have no feelings when it comes to romance. Rose is the romantic.
BFF: Besides my sister Rose, I don't know.
Room mate: to be discovered
Bio: Having lived in Nikeia all her life, Victory can't wait for the day she's allowed outside the kingdom. Even if this was the kingdom of creative victory, Victory didn't get to do much except harness her main talents-acting, drawing, and writing, when she was not being homeschooled. When her sister, Rose, sends her an invitation to enroll in Alfea(her current school), Victory accepts it without question......

Hey, Summer! Mind if I join?

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Full Name: Crown Princess Summer-Rose Emile Litram
Power: Seasons
Age at first appearance: 16
Place of Origin: Aleman
Rank((will be assigned to members)): Co-Leader
Family: King Lucius of Aleman(dad), Queen Pearl of Aleman(mum), Princess Marley of Aleman(sister, co-leader, +Schnauzerdoesmc MinecraftGamer​)
Love interest: Anagan +Anagan Of The Wizards Of The Black Circle​ 
BFF: Marley,
Room Mate: Marley
Bio: Summer and her sister Marley were always close, despite being separated. The two had to watch the destruction of their planet play out as they were helplessly sent away to another realm. The two later returned to the Magic Dimension when they got into Alfea. Their studies were the beginning of this story...
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