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Changes to Google Maps that anyone that love talking pictures and putting them on Google. 

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Google's New Photo App is out!

For Android you need to go to Google Store or Google Play and Search on Google Photo App or just Photos it will say "Google Inc" under the word "Photos". Download and install, then start setting up. If you have more then one gmail account then you can select the one you want and if you let Google limit the size of your pictures (to a very reasonable size) you have unlimited space. 

From Google Directly! 
Picture this: A fresh approach to Photos #GooglePhotos   #Google   #Photos  

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Photo dimensions for Social Media - Thanks +David Williams  
GooglePlus, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn - Complete Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet - infographic
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"There’s nothing more frustrating than adding a logo or image to your social media accounts, just to realize that all the images sizes are completely different. Even when you think you know the exact requirements for all the different networks, they update their sizes and then you are back to square one.

Currently we only seem to have two solutions to this problem – either spend the next few hours adjusting the images, Googling what size each of them needs to be or get fed up and just upload the images as they are and live with the consequences (not recommended)!

That is why we now have the Social Media Cheat Sheet. This is a fantastic resource which eliminates all this hassle. It’s up to date, has all the exact sizing charts and is the perfect reference point as it covers 7 different social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

The Social Media Cheat Sheet, created by +Omnicore Agency , is particularly valuable when you’re using several social media accounts as it allows you to reference quickly and easily all the sizes your images need to be.

So, here it is… Your new indispensable reference point! Keep this infographic close at hand and all that hassle will be a thing of the past."

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More new additions to Google Plus including upgrades to Google Awesome and Google Hangouts (will be covered in my class on Google+): 
A Morning with Google+ #autoawesome   #googlehangoutsonair   #googlehangouts   Big thanks to +Greg Hyer for pointing it out.

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How to change the settings on your Google+ photo albums
How to change the settings on your Google+ photo albums. (GIF TIP!)
This quick tip shows where and how you can choose who has access to an album e.g. from private to public or choosing specific circles. It also shows how to just give access and prevent others from sharing. Enjoy!
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Animated Photo

Anyone know of a consumer video camera that puts the date and time on the recording not in the meta data like the OLD VHS cameras used to do?

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I just created a community all about learning how to take #Photosphere  photos and welcome you to learn with me.

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My first #photosphere  photo take with my Samsung Galaxy S3 following the info on this video that is designed for the S4: 

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