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Welcome To A Life Virtual World!
Create Your Free Account And Get Your First Region For Just $1 USD!

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Welcome to Universite Populaire komunika
Ouvert/Open Popular University
Virtual worlds
Great canadian Grid , Gatika region.
Open applications for students to learning groups of: spanish french italian portuguese english german japanese and chinese.

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I released OARConvWin-1.0.4 that converts OAR file of OpenSim to Collada files for Unity on MS Windows.
OARConvWin-1.0.4 is based on oarconv-1.4.2
And this software got great contributions and advices from Prof. Austin Tate.  Thank you very much. :-)

Binary zip file is at


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Hi, I would like to present my big project for Opensim, where Entrepreneurs also find a place to launch

Digital Lisbon gets 144 Regions & seeks new crowd funding

Virtual Lisbon Shows Great Progress & Will Become a Mini Self-Grid to serve all Hypergrid Projects - NOT JUST ANOTHER GRID

AN HYPERGRID FREE HUB - Experience Life in a Mega City with all imaginable kind of places, activities & events

Help & Enjoy Unlimited Features & Potentials
Crowdfund at >>>

All or Nothing Campaign - Donations refunded if goals not met
- Drop me just 1$ and find out - Let´s change OpenSim forever

Hypergrid Business Article -
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This is OpenSim Dioarama System 2.0 beta
This system is using SRTM and Google Map
We'd like to use this for education.
System is Open Source.

Youtube displayes Mt. Fuji, Mt. Rainier and NY.
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