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if you using MIUI or CleanMaster and experiencing problem with Autotext, please read this:

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I made a little simple keyboard for big thumbs and little screens. Basically every screen is modified to match the 17 key design. The main screen has shortcuts for the three recently used languages, and three more languages shifted, for super multilinguals. The shifted screen has shortcuts for @, #, and two configurable shortcuts (by default, my email address and Ghostbusters' phone number). The numpad supports easy input of hexadecimal.


I plan to update and maintain this layout. Please tell me some keys that you want me to add.


Would be great if, instead of showing "symbols" above or below letter, could be shown the first suggestion of "extra key" if available, or any custom thing.

And would be great too, to customize if "symbol" appears "above or below" for each row of keys.

Thanks in advance!

Little bug:
Settings -> keys -> enter key -> long press
Does not open any dialog 

Every time I reboot, my keyboard wallpaper resets to my home screen wallpaper, no matter what I set it to. How can I stop this?


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4D center key getting autocapitalized

So I am working on an update to my custom layout, but for some reason [4D:l(')\"] is displaying a capital L. How can I fix it? Pressing the key does input a lower case l, but the display is misleading (and somewhat annoying).

Suggestion: size/pos related

1. Would be great the possibility to add extra space in the left and right side of the keyboard (not key margins, more like keyboard margins), (without making floatable, to keep kayboard background).

2. Also customizing the height of each row of keys, not only the last.

So, I tried out Multiling O again and remembered why I had stopped using it.

I am big user of glide typing. I used Swype for a long time and thought it did a great job, but it would hang up OFTEN and development on it seemed halted.

I made the jump to G-Board, but it is kind of limited.

Multiling O has the most potential, but it has some specific problems that prevent my using it.

1) Ending with punctuation. In Swype, you can swype a word to end with a comma or a period, and it will add the punctuation to the end of the word. Not only do MO and GB not support this, but MO won't even align the punctuation with the word if I type it (that is, it will put a space before a period). I know hitting the spacebar multiple times will cycle through punct, but I'm trying to avoid typing.

2) G-Board and MO both have this same problem: when gliding a word and it is guessed wrong, neither keyboard seems to guess that the correct word would be an alternative, and instead, I wind up with a bunch of words that aren't even close.

3) G-Board and MO also have this problem (which Swype doesn't), which is if you want to glide-in a single-character word (like "I" or "a"), you can't do it. On Swype, you swipe from the letter to the spacebar.

4) G-Board and MO also don't support inline case-changes. That is, in Swype, to indicate that you want a letter uppercased, you start on the letter, swipe up, off the top of the keyboard, and then back down to your next letter. It's not perfect, but it works well and it's preferable to having to hit shift before swiping.

5) What Swype does really well is allow you to do EVERYTHING with swyping and with no typing, whereas MO and GB both require you to mix modes.

6) I really love all the other extra features that MO has-- the text transformation, the multi-language support, the richness of customization, the flexibility in the app. I just wish the swipe-typing was more refined. It appears that it hasn't really been changed at all since the last time I tried it out.

Maybe some folks are happy with the way that is works now, so they wouldn't necessarily want the changes I do, but I'd love to see options to make it work the way I'd like.

Keep up the great work!

[LOCK] disables word correction

In my layout, I replace the [GEAR] with [LOCK] (in the shifted layout) to have a sort of caps lock when I want to type in all capitals. However, when I use the lock key the prediction bar no longer highlights the best prediction, it just remains on the entered letters.

What can be done? Is it a bug? Or behavior as intended?

Ps: I can't take a screenshot of the issue because the prediction bar vanishes when I open the screenshot window.
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