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Welcome new Resistance agents! Just getting started? Join our Welcome Hangout and we can help you learn the ropes and meet other agents. Post your agent name, level and area of play as a reply to this post, and we'll add you. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Today is the 5 year anniversary of Ingress. We'll be doing a special live stream starting at 10am PST (UTC -8) on our Facebook page at You won't want to miss it.

First of all, we would like to thank the agents of our amazing community for their input on this difficult subject. The discussions we’ve had as a community demonstrate that we can compromise, discuss issues in a productive manner, show each other respect, and still stay committed to being one team.

As community moderators, we feel it is important to acknowledge what happened on our part with regards to The Broker’s Guild. None of us are above the standards of our community, and we would like to apologize to our agents for withholding the tools we were using. These tools were kept from the community as a whole because of the potential for widespread abuse; we also did not want masses of our own players getting banned if this were brought to light and Niantic decided to take such action. We felt it was a necessary risk for us to be able to combat the rampant spoofing we saw throughout our area, as well as the added benefit of being able to detect suspected multi-accounts. While we fully acknowledge that this was “TOS breaking to stop TOS breaking,” we saw fellow players in the game becoming discouraged to the point of quitting because they lived in areas where spoof accounts were seemingly ubiquitous, making the game hugely unfair and unplayable.

We would like to assure our communities, both PAIR and our opponents in PIE, that PAIR moderators Mike P., Jim, and Kelly have all left The Broker’s Guild, and no longer have access to any of the tools or networks that were available to them as members. We have further asked all other Guild members in PAIR to exit the Guild, and we do not condone the continued use of tools like those found in The Broker’s Guild community.

We have attempted to identify the most balanced interpretation of Niantic’s rules to keep the game fair and safe for all players. This has proven to be a difficult task, but we have updated the PAIR Code of Conduct accordingly ( and hope what we’ve come up with is a fair representation of what our community members feel. Please take a few moments to review it.

We also wanted to let everyone in the community know that we, as moderators, are available for feedback regarding this and any other community matter. We have volunteered our time and effort to make this community what it is, and our mission is to keep the game fun.

Thank you all,
Arjun, Christine, Debbie, Jim, Kelly, Mike E., Mike P., Pedro, and Prash.

Hey Philly Resistance - I'll be visiting West Chester area next weekend (9/21-24). Looking forward to Ingressing and meeting area agents. Any Ingress fun planned next weekend?

Hey everyone. Trenzalore13.. just getting back into ingress after a break.

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Ok, I've always been a "grinder" when it comes to my Ingress play, but this last level felt like the .2 does for most marathoner runners. Loooooong. Whew!

Hello, I'm from the Boston area and heard there was a mission day in Philly next month? Looking to find out if that's actually happening?

I am a L3 and trying to help the blues :) but the Greens are taking the silver portals....i know its part of the game but come on find your own area

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Shards have come to define the Ingress experience for me. Now that we're on the cusp of another event, I hope everyone gets to experience just what makes Ingress such a special game!
Back in early 2015, I remember getting drug into a very small hangout with a bunch of very concerned people. The topic? The Washington Monument had just been chosen as a shard target, and the knowledge wasn’t public yet. Over the next 2 months, we went from worrying that we’d disappoint our Resistance family across the globe, as DC was a historically green city, to dominating the event, scoring 13 shards ourselves, and helping Rotterdam hold the Enlightened to a shutout on their target. We watched our collective efforts become the definition of Resistance pride for years to come, and almost 2 years later, 13-0 and the Washington Monument still shine as a source of pride for our team.

Following the success of Shonin Shards, I realized just how special the community within the Resistance was, and how amazing what we had, not just at a local or regional level, but what it meant to have a true global community. With the emergence of new Shards, once again I feel the anxiety, anticipation, and excitement over such a cool and unique event.

If you feel panicked, know that it is without warrant. There is nothing but fun, memorable, and amazing experiences ahead. Nothing leading up to this point can compare you for the rush of linking that well fought shard off to Europe after a 3 day battle, or slamming it home after inching your way across each well-fought jump. If you feel uncertainty and worry, breathe. The Resistance has your back. With our community behind you, you can never fail. If you are excited and anticipating the fun ahead, simply want to get involved, head over to ! We’ve compiled a great rundown of the upcoming event, and a signup to get involved.

Previous Shard events really define the Ingress experience for me, an experience I’ve come to treasure over the 4 years I’ve played. I’m hopeful with this new round, new faces can experience just how great Ingress can be.

DC Shards AAR:
Thanks to +Shelly Bowman +Joshua Kight for letting me steal your pics (you don't mind, right? ;D )
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